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Gloria.TV News     05/10/2010 06:34
Pope in Palermo
On Sunday, during his pastoral visit to Palermo, the capital city of the Italian island of Sicily, Pope Benedict XVI raised his voice against evil and organized crime. Palermo is a longtime hotspot of Mafia activity. The Pope … [More]
JTLiuzza         05/10/2010 14:31
Minor point: Baja California is not part of the USA. Rather, it is a Mexican state.
mq         05/10/2010 08:07
Thanks for the news, much appreciated.
Holy Cannoli         05/10/2010 08:05
Alan Dershowitz is a pro-abortionist and likely disagrees with 95% of the Catholic Church's teachings concerning faith and morals.
I question his motivation and remain unimpressed with this so called “defense” of the pope. Furthermore, due to the scandal it would cause, I seriously doubt that the Pope would formally welcome Alan Dershowitz's “defense” anyway.
I don't think it's right for non-Catholics to get deeply involved in the governance of the Church – he (… [More]
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