Hail To The Chief
holyrope 3     24/11/2010 11:23
Hail To The Chief
holyrope 3         24/11/2010 15:33
Holy Cannoli         24/11/2010 14:25
...he is certainly not the worst of the liberal batch.
We have a new standard for presidents of the USCCB.
St. Francis is well known as a homosexual parish where Mass can be an embarrassment to those who don't enjoy same sex acting out at the "kiss" of peace or watching rainbow sashers sashaying up to Communion. (Couldn't resist the pun.) Archbishop Dolan's actions at the rededication and his statements later do not encourage optimism among faithful Catholics …
irenaeus         24/11/2010 13:53
Archbishop Dolan is a good man who loves his Church. He may not be the muscular conservative we all want on the world stage that NYC provides, but he is certainly not the worst of the liberal batch.
All in all, Voris is right. This is not a victory for traditional and conservative Catholics. But I, and many others breathed a sigh of relief that the VP did not get the job. I personally was hoping for Chaput.
Holy Cannoli         24/11/2010 13:01
I don't think I've ever disagreed with Voris including now. A strong voice for the conservative wing (read: orthodox) of the Church, he undoubtedly drives the lefties crazy which means he's doing something right.
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