Bl. Francis Seelos C.Ss.R. 11. Januar 1819- 4. October 1867
Adams     03/01/2011 12:25
Presentation by Redemptorist Father Byron Miller on Bl. Francis Seelos, C.Ss.R. (1819-1867)
One oftwelvechildrenborn to Mang and Frances Schwarzenbach Seelos; he was named forSaintFrancis Xavier. Hisfath… [More]
cgambla         07/09/2013 18:20
OH, how Father Seelos needs us to pray to him for more peace right in our own parishes, and certainly for more dedicated priests such as he. I will pray to you, right now Blessed Seelos, to help St. Patrick Parish revive it's abilities to serve each other and the community, and serve God. Amen. Please also, Blessed Seelos, heal me. Amen.
johnsiple         21/03/2013 23:07
Remarkable telling of a heroic holyman Redemptorist for the American Church. May his virtue bless us all!
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