Governor Perry of Texas Promotes Sonograms before Abortions
Irapuato     23.1.2011 01:14
kxan January 22, 2011 Governor Perry is endorsing Senate Bill 16.
louella         24.1.2011 14:03
Great....God Bless this initiative. And I hope it comes to Europe and the UK too.
Irapuato         23.1.2011 01:30
AUSTIN—Governor Rick Perry headlined the Rally for Life Saturday in Austin by announcing his intentions to fast track a bill that would require a woman to get a sonogram before she can have an abortion.
Supporters of the bill hope a woman who sees her fetus is less likely to abort.
Hundreds gathered for the event, which was held on the anniversary of the famous Roe Vs. Wade decision in 1978.
“Since then, 50 million children have lost their chances,” said Perry. “That is a catastrophic number. … [More]
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