New Religion New Mass - Traditional Catholic Latin Mass
holyrope 3     05/03/2011 19:28
The Protestant service vs the Catholic Latin Mass
slawa         06/08/2015 01:35
To all catholic people, please go back to the Traditional Catholic Latin Mass
holyrope 3         07/03/2011 00:09
JTLiuzza... [More]
JTLiuzza         06/03/2011 23:49
Watching this novus ordo was unpleasant. I feel sorry for the "celebrant" and for the poor souls in his congregation, especially the innocent children.
Thank you Father that I have available to me the Mass of All Ages and serious Catholic Priests.
May all of Your children be so graced.
ACLumsden         06/03/2011 12:46
Interesting comparision: the first is a shallow interpretation of the N.O. Mass and is pitted against the 1962 norms for HOly Mass (E.F.). I therefore ask the question: is this a balanced comparision? EJGCatholic posted upon this website a Mass celebrated strictly per documenta ecclesiae from the Second Oecumenical Council of the Vatican - i.e. Sacrosanctum Concilium of 1970.
Do have a look:
Now compare THIS with the 1962 norms for Holy Mass (Extraordinary Form)- are the differences… [More]
REVTHREEVS21         05/03/2011 23:44
This posting has been cancelled by the author of the medium.
holyrope 3         05/03/2011 22:23
@black chalice, yes, I believe you are right, this is Fr. Novak. [More]
blackchallice         05/03/2011 19:49
Good comparison. This looks and sounds like Fr. Novak SSPX if I'm not mistaken.
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