Blessed is Our Nothingness, Because it can be Filled with The Spirit
Father Reto Preaches  21/05/2011 04:07
Father Reto Nay
28th of March 2011
Lenten Retreat in Wroclaw, Poland
Fifth homily
Wroclaw - 2011
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Buziak     27/05/2012 10:26
a co to jest świat wg.Nowego Testamentu?
MAircchhaanłoł     27/05/2012 10:22
nowy testament zabrania kochać świat!
MAircchhaanłoł     27/05/2012 10:04
nice girl
zdobywca     20/07/2011 13:52
jak sie nazywa ta tlumaczka, chetnie bym ją poznal. Pisać na
AK     03/06/2011 23:37
+Thanking God again for your sharing the recollections with us. Helps to know to cherish that desolation feeling. Sounds like monastic wisdom. Quite a challenge to be both clever yet more simple. I have to remember God's wisdom surpasses all human wisdom - especially as the sheer volume of knowledge can be distracting from obedience. The simpler the better. Thank God for scholars who can distill the wisdom of God for us. May God reward you.
RomanCandle     28/05/2011 18:29
Sama's interception of the Grignion de Montfort saying
“pour un oeuf elle donne un boeuf” was a delight to see
as was Fr Reto's supplementary “bovine image” for Sama.
Qyamarefuge     28/05/2011 18:29
Te Deum     26/05/2011 06:39
I really enjoy listening to you, dear Father Reto.
Thank you very much.
irenaeus     21/05/2011 16:39
Beautiful talk. MaMaLuJa :)
Holy Cannoli     21/05/2011 08:29
Dear Fr. Nay,
Certain oratorical tools can be utilized at an informal setting that may not be appropriate for Mass. During this retreat you exhibited a very relaxed, conversational, animated, humorous demeanor while still presenting an important and interesting message. Although many topics were discussed, the basic theme referring to the Gospels and, in particular, the words of Christ was an excellent idea and ought to be repeated each Sunday by every Christian preacher.
In your conclusion … [More]
schoole     21/05/2011 04:14
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