God Gives Us Many Possibilities to Love Him or Not to Love Him. You have to decide.
Father Reto Preaches     11/06/2011 19:15
Don Reto Nay
30th of March 2011
Eighths Homily
Wroclaw, Poland
turysta569         03/04/2015 20:23
jak sie nazywa ta tlumaczka, chetnie bym ją poznal. Pisać na stachu_mistrzu@op.pl tys za maly do niej oj za maly
turysta569         03/04/2015 20:22
no coz ale ten ksiadz bardzo dobrze mowi tak sie odbywa w kosciele mozna powiedziec ze z kosciola juz jest zrobiony cyrk
    myschonok made a reference: myschonok.     04/02/2012 04:39
zdobywca         20/07/2011 13:50
jak sie nazywa ta tlumaczka, chetnie bym ją poznal. Pisać na stachu_mistrzu@op.pl
Irapuato         12/07/2011 05:28
Thank you, Don Reto...maybe I can be an interpreter for you, one day, English to Spanish...
Virgina         12/07/2011 05:10
Fuss schon bi sche ins savess capir!
ACLumsden         13/06/2011 22:30
Dear Father Nay,
Deo gratias!
alinalotte         13/06/2011 22:30
As I was told by Mark 721431 people in his company have abdul as a prefix before their first name,abdul means slave in arabic.Jesus knew about the one that was to come in his own name bringing darkness and slavery and that's why He warned all of us in St John saddened that " I come from the Father,yet ye do not believe Me,but one that was not send by the Father will come in his own name,Him ye shall believe " . Our only defense and assurance that the Darkness shall not overcome us was … [More]
Don Reto Nay         13/06/2011 18:36
Dear ACLumsden
Temporal justice has many "advantages": It forces people, it pushes them in the right direction and treats them like slaves. Lazy people like if somebody takes over their lives.
The justice of Christi does the opposite. It comes through the Holy Spirit who enters your hearts like a sweet wind. He does not force us and is extremely discrete. He will be a part of your lives only to the extend that we want this. Therefore he is the spirit of liberty.
To the extend that we don't want… [More]
ACLumsden         13/06/2011 17:33
Dear Father Nay,
"The justice of God cannot be based in any way on human flesh or human power." Thank you Father for this most powerful of statements. That the Old Testament taught, "an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth" is quite contrary to Christianity is clear from your presentation.
I have one question: How, in this very secular world, with its demands for temporal justice (given the recent global affairs in connexion to Islam extreemists, sex scandals in the Church,etc.) and the like, … [More]
Don Reto Nay         13/06/2011 16:26
Dear Holy Cannoli
Thanks for your precious comments. Let's cut right into the cake:
1. The homily is on the fourth sermon of the Gospel in Mt 18 which is the sermon on the Church.
2. The Old Testament is perhaps three times longer than the New Testament. The reason for this is that, most of the time, we live in the Old Testament. In this sermon, however, the focus is not on the Old Testament but on the Church and the New Testament. That is the reason why I am so short on the Old Testament.
3. … [More]
Holy Cannoli         12/06/2011 08:19
Dear Fr.Nay,
If I followed correctly, the theme of your talk was how we can become as “little children” by searching within and allowing the Holy Spirit to be born within us?
A few points. At 1:52 you mentioned that we become Christians by abandoning the Old Testament and entering into the New. I know what you meant and perhaps this could have been phrased differently in order to acknowledge the importance of the Old Testament even for Christians.
At 11:52 you mentioned that even if we are NOT … [More]
AK         11/06/2011 22:10
+Thanks be to God for your preaching, Fr. Nay. So true. When trying to keep God at the center, the world will try to pull you off-center. Secular science would have you doubt having a soul or a Creator so it's an ongoing and fierce battle with those who think faith and science are mutually exclusive. Pascal's wager doesn't seem to convince even the dying as you mentioned. Really shook me to hear another preacher say if we get hardened to our sins and turn from God, we become like the demons … [More]
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