Pentecost Homily dispirited world Spirit filled Church
fatherjeffrey     17/06/2011 04:45
Catholic priest gives a homily on a dispirited world and a Spirit filled Church. Homily
AK         18/06/2011 19:20
Thanks be to God for your preaching. There are real reasons to have a bleak outlook per a CIA report on geopolitics. Best not to put one's hope alone in this world alone. Keep the faith!
holyrope 3         17/06/2011 10:01
Schedule of the Traditional Latin Masses in your area.
Gorgeous Churches in Ohio...St. Stephen's on W. 54th St. Cleveland, Oh...has SUnday Mass..Extraordinary Mass at 9:30AM
Immaculate Conception on Superior Ave. has Sunday Latin Mass at 8 AM (low) and 12 noon (high Mass)
ACLumsden         17/06/2011 09:07
This holy reminds me of one given by St Basil the Great, "On community"; a most positive and encouraging homily indeed.
However! The music for this Mass continues to be quite 'down-at-heel' -see my comment on the other video of this full Mass. Education is key!