The Seraphic Doctor-Reflection for 7/15
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apostleshipofprayer on Jul 14, 2011 Saint Bonaventure
Reflection for 7/15/11
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Whomever draws worthily near to the Eucharist – writes St. Bonaventure in the splendid Sermon on the Most Holy Body of Christ – obtains a quadruple grace: “This sacrament instills the strength to operate; raises one to contemplation; disposes one towards knowledge of divine reality; animates and ignites contempt for the world and the desire for heavenly and eternal things,” as it was said of Elijah who, “with the … [More]
Irapuato     14/07/2011 23:48
Father Kuvicky's reflection on St. Bonaventure...
06:14 1 March Saint Rudesind
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