What I Saw a Occupy Wall Street
TFP Student Action     20/10/2011 17:07
The protesters fancy that they represent 99% of America. But do they? Do people waving communist flags stamped with an image of Che Guevara, peddling anarchy and socialism really … [More]
Bernard87         21/10/2011 11:26
Wonderful job done by TFP Studenat Action again. May God bless them for their wonderful work.
soundingjoy         21/10/2011 01:22
For sure, pray for our country, we must wake up and stand true to the Most Holy Chruch of Christ.
holyrope 3         20/10/2011 23:28
hippies, druggies and 'Che' loving liberals...
Tu_es_Petrus         20/10/2011 21:23
Nothing a good snow storm won't fix.
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