Teponazcuicatl/The Procession of the Drum
Reesorville     14/02/2009 11:27
Mexico was conquered by the Spanish between 1519-1521. They introduced the christian religion to Mexico. Between December 9th-12th 1531, the Virgin Mary supposedly appeared to a Mexican peasant named Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin (now St Juan Diego … [More]
drakke1         14/12/2013 19:02
Thanks a lot for the post -- absolutely excellent music and video. And, on a perhaps "offbeat note" i would like to say, my POV - the frequency coming from the music is very uplifting and healing
Reesorville         06/04/2009 14:29
(unfortunately, gloria.tv cut off my translation at the bottom of the description, but here is the english translation of the nahuatl lyrics... the words don't start until about 1:57)
i) yn tlapapalxochicentli ni yol aya, nepapan tonacan xochitl moyahua ya oncuepontimoquetzacoyana ya aya ye teoyaixpan tona a Santa María ay yo/
Painted by the flowering ear of corn my heart comes to life.” Now the various flowers of our sustenance are scattered about, bursting into bloom in front of the divine … [More]
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