Top 5 Travel Attractions, Geneva (Switzerland)
Irapuato     10/11/2011 22:46
geobeats on Aug 4, 2010 And number one, Saint Pierre. The 12th century cathedral was the site for other cathedrals dating back to the 4th century.
Irapuato         10/11/2011 22:52
St. Pierre Cathedral Geneva, Switzerland
The area beneath the Cathedral has recently been excavated extensively, revealing a rich history of the site dating back to the time of the Roman Empire. From the 8th to 10th centuries it was one of three cathedrals to coexist on the site. The present building has grown from a cathedral devoted to ecclesiastical use and an early Christian funerary cult; the other two structures, subsumed in the 12th century by the growth of the surviving building, were … [More]
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