Gloria.TV – News Briefs     14/11/2011 06:20
Photo ~ Ireland's clergy and the paedophilia scandal
Bishops’ Resignations Continue in Ireland
After the paedophilia scandal, seven dioceses are awaiting a leader: a sign of the Pope’s desired “zero tolerance” towards bishops who covered-up abuse … [More]
Mell         15/11/2011 01:14
Pope Benedict rocks.
BrTomFordeOFMCap         14/11/2011 09:47
While Hegarty may be in trouble for mishandling cases of abuse it seems that his actually declining health is the real reason for his resignation. Rumour has it that he suffers from Alzheimers.
ACLumsden         14/11/2011 08:57
A most excellent thing indeed. Raise to the ground and rebuild, as the word "reset mode" indicates. May Our Lord be with our Irish bretheren at this trying time of purification and reconstruction. In time there will be a Church even stronger than in the past; a revivification of the ancient vigour, per se.