Mexican Town of Querétaro, (Mexico) - Travel Guide
Irapuato     25/11/2011 05:21
geobeats on Apr 28, 2011 In the historical center is the Church of San Francisco, which dates back to the early eighteenth century.
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"Convento de la Cruz": Must see the "Cruz de cantera Rosa"(pink stone cross) and the tree with cross shaped spines, (which bloomed from Fray Margil's staff). Also the place where a series of missions in the Sierra Gorda "one day travel apart" started and were founded all the way to California.
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Mexican Town of Querétaro, (Mexico) - Travel Guide
The state is one of the smallest in Mexico, but it is also one of the most heterogeneous geographically,[9][10] with ecosystems varying from deserts to tropical rainforest, especially in the Sierra Gorda, which is filled with micro ecosystems. The area of the state was located on the northern edge of Mesoamerica, with both the P’urhépecha and Aztec Empires having influence in the extreme south, but neither really dominated it. The area, … [More]