Ste. Therese de Lisieux Vivre d'Amour
amiedetherese  09/03/2009 11:47
In the dining room of the Ermitage Ste. Therese in Lisieux at the end of dinner, the Travailleuses Missionaires stand next to the Virgin of the Smile statue and sing St. Therese's poem "Vivre d'Amour", "Living on Love" for pilgrims.
kalbright36     12/07/2012 23:29
Thank you for the information about the music, AmiedeTherese! I am late, but appreciate it!
amiedetherese     18/08/2011 09:16
Yes, the Travailleuses Missionaires have music for sale. Try looking at the site for the Lisieux store:
If you are living outside Europe, you'd have to write to the store and arrange a purchase with email and you'd want to ask 1st about shipping charges which are high and mandated by the French gov.
In fact you could write to them and ask which CD has that song. Here is the store's email and they can read English.
Otherwise try … [More]
kalbright36     17/08/2011 23:19
Do the Travilleuses have a music CD? I love this song so much!
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