Holy Communion in the hand
arunkostka  20/12/2011 13:45
Holy Communion in the hand
SSPXer     21/12/2011 09:51
Do you want real Catholicism?
Come to the Society of Saint Pius X.
It is because of the SSPX that the TRUE FAITH and
the TRUE MASS is preserved for the past 50 years.
If not for SSPX, the TRUE FAITH and the TRUE MASS would be all gone today.ECCLESIA DEI would not exist today if not for the SSPX. Most of these groups and their Priests were educated, and ordained by the SSPX, but they stole their ordinations and started these groups. One day Monsignor Marcel Lefebvre will be made Saint, I am … [More]
arunkostka     21/12/2011 09:38
Amen !!! All Glory and Honour to the lord of lords,,,,,
Michel-René Landry     21/12/2011 06:14
Thate is so true!
Deo gratias
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