Morning Prayer for Tuesday 1-17-12
Irapuato  17/01/2012 05:40
penitentis on Jan 15, 2012 Morning Prayer for Tuesday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time and the Memorial to St. Anthony, Abbot.
Irapuato     17/01/2012 14:57
Thank YOU for your Blessings, SoundingJoy! too..
soundingjoy     17/01/2012 14:56
Thank you dear sister for your prayers. Your ministry to all of us on this Holy Site reflects the heart of our Lord Jesus. Bless you with the joy of His Smile.
Irapuato     17/01/2012 14:56
I also wonder about ACL: @ACLumsden
Why doesn't he post anymore?? Well, I'm waiting for a video, so that I can
Irapuato     17/01/2012 14:53
Will do! Tomorrow, at Mass I shall remember both of you...
soundingjoy     17/01/2012 14:46
Dear Irapuato,
My sister and I have been dealing with many health issues. Your prayers are desired and it is good to share the love of Christ through His Blessed Church.
Irapuato     17/01/2012 14:44
Soundingjoy! Where have you been???
soundingjoy     17/01/2012 14:43
Thank you dear Irapuato for this Holy Prayer, a glorious way to begin the day. Bless you dear sister in Christ,
Irapuato     17/01/2012 14:09
@penitentis: Here is a video I made of don Reto  :
10(+) Questions for Don Reto
P.S. Jan. 22, my 2nd. Anniversary of uploading videos on
Irapuato     17/01/2012 05:51
Tuesday of the Second week in Ordinary Time
1st book of Samuel 16:1-13.

The LORD said to Samuel: «How long will you grieve for Saul, whom I have rejected as king of Israel? Fill your horn with oil, and be on your way. I am sending you to Jesse of Bethlehem, for I have chosen my king from among his sons.»
But Samuel replied: "How can I go? Saul will hear of it and kill me." To this the LORD answered: "Take a heifer along and say, 'I have come to sacrifice to the LORD.'
Invite Jesse to the sacrif… [More]
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