Paoay Church , Philippines
Irapuato  25/01/2012 23:57
geobeats on Jun 23, 2011 Take a tour of Paoay Church in Philippines -- part of the World's Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats.
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The Lord's Divine inspiration....
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Thank YOU, SoundingJoy, for being so open-minded, and open to the Lord's LOVE
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Thank you Irapuato for sharing this post about this beautiful church. Bless you again for a trip to another part of the world to see the blest churches of the Holy Faith
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Paoay Church , Philippines
This sturdy, rather mound-shaped church is a fascinating combination of architectural styles and building materials.
Baroque, Gothic, and Oriental styles all combine in the different features of the Paoay Church.
The mix of building materials, including coral, tree sap, bricks, and lumber, give this style the name of Earthquake Baroque.
Also built of coral stone, the church's bell tower stands a short distance away, separate from the main church. Paoay Church was fini… [More]