Gloria TV News on the 29th of February
Gloria.TV News     29/02/2012 07:39
Suffering Should Be Lived
Infanticide is Now Called After-Birth Abortion
Two New Old Rite Parishes
Rejection of The Religious Identity
Gloria.TV - Benedicta         01/03/2012 01:38
Perfekte Arbeit Luzia!
Sehr schöne gestaltende Nachrichtensendung.
Germen         29/02/2012 18:36
Thanks, Doina and Lucia for the news today.
pelegrin         29/02/2012 18:17
This little sweet girl looks like an angel.
holyrope 3         29/02/2012 15:12
soundingjoy...God does not give us more than we can handle, and you are special in that you have been given this gift, that others may deem as a hardship. You are blessed in more ways than you know!
soundingjoy         29/02/2012 15:07
I am so blest to have my handicapped sister in our home and our lives. She is a precious gift of life. I can't imagine "after-birth abortion," for in the role of care giver for my sister, I care for her as if taking care of our Lord. She is a gift, not a burden. We pray for every life God creates, to be cherished.
holyrope 3         29/02/2012 15:04
'nuns in suits.. ...once they started showing the hair on the head, and the hems going up, and short could only continue to get worse. As in the beauties shown in the film..
mrsreneoriordan         29/02/2012 14:49
"Peculiarly tasteless clothes which is an identifying feature.."- lol I'm always trying to find the words to describe how nuns dress!!! This hits the spot!! Thanks and God bless you - Rene
holyrope 3         29/02/2012 12:46
Thanks for the news!
StCatherine         29/02/2012 10:34
And like St Pauls says, "only those who endure until the end, will be saved." Some people have decided that they will be saved on their own terms.
StCatherine         29/02/2012 10:07
Some have forgotten that God can make children out of stones. God cast down the proud and exalt the lowly. The Truth has been hidden from us for too long. Only the Truth can set us free from ourselves.
ACLumsden         29/02/2012 08:33
And the restoration continues, slowly....