Salvationofsouls     16/03/2012 06:14
+J.M.J.+ An excellent exhortation given by Fr. Michael Rodriguez on the crisis within the Church today.There are many who do not believe that there is a real crisis in the Church today, but here is the sad proof. We have … [More]
yuca2111         19/02/2014 01:34
Abramo... actually Fr. Rodriguez was sued by his bishop for making this video, then he was removed from his parish and placed somewhere else, incredible!!! Fr. Rodriguez went with his cannon lawyer and after that the bishop just decided to sue him... Yes, Cardinal against Cardinal, bishop against Bishop, this time Bishop against priest who had the cannon law in his side and because this Bishop couldn't do much canonically speaking, BAM! lawsuit... it is the beginning of the end times which is … [More]
Knights4Christ         18/02/2014 23:21
If we read carefully 2 Peter 2 he shows us this infiltration of our Church by the false teachers who introduce destructive heresies. They are connected to a depraved conduct like Saint Peter immediately explains the depraved conduct of the Sodomites. Our Lady on la Salette warned that religious communities to beware because an invasion was going to occur to infiltrate men with carnal sins is what we are unfortunately seeing. By their fruit you will recognize them.
Our … [More]
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Abramo         06/12/2013 13:22
Most Catholic priests would not speak about such subjects because this would be damaging to their career.
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    Abramo likes this.         06/12/2013 13:20
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