Catholic Software - Free
irenaeus     20.3.2012 18:53
Enjoy. This software is free to use. It has been a three year effort on my part, laboring on this after work when my wife and kids are asleep. Much like my own faith, it is a work in progress. I wanted to do something for the new evangelization and … [More]
irenaeus         24.3.2013 03:58
I created an online version of this bible study program at
irenaeus         13.8.2012 18:42
Thanks DaddyRabbit:) Enjoy!
daddyrabbit         12.8.2012 01:46
Wow! What a blessing! I just found your website tonight and downloaded the Credo software. It is amazing! I am deeply in your debt for such a wonderful Catholic Bible Study tool/application on my desktop. I have already begun spreading the word about your url.
God bless you, Irenaeus!
irenaeus         22.3.2012 18:49
Thanks Rhemes:)
irenaeus         20.3.2012 22:01
Dear saumiguel,
Thank you for your kind words. I fully intend to continue updating it as time permits.
God Love You,
saumiguel         20.3.2012 21:51
Dear Irenaeus,
I thank God for you. There are only few people who could go to this extend to do such an amazing work( and give it free ). I must say, your labours have brought Good fruits. It's a comprehensive software. And you have designed it well. I hope you'll keep on updating the contents and the features- of course at your leisure.until now, I have been using two softwares Viz.
But , I didn't quite like the features.some of … [More]
irenaeus         20.3.2012 21:02
Thanks EJG! You can click the direct link I added to the description but yes its the CredoBibleStudy.exe. Enjoy:)
EJGCatholic         20.3.2012 19:14
wow! looks amazing, am downloading it now!its the Credo BibleStudy.exe right??.. this along with Biblia Clerus program is all one needs!
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