Gloria TV News on the 27th of March 2012
Gloria.TV News     27/03/2012 08:04
ACLumsden         27/03/2012 19:58
Holy Cannoli         27/03/2012 18:44
One year and a half ago, I had been a member of Gloria.TV for 2 months when I made that post and I will readily admit that I was wrong for doing it. Interesting that you would search that far back in order to make yourself look good but it's not going to work.
You and your arrogant condescending self have been polluting this site for over 3 years and you're still boorishly correcting the news presenters in public this very day.
To help them?
No! If you wanted to sincerely 'help' them you … [More]
ACLumsden         27/03/2012 18:30
Greetings Canoli: Do keep your stone-throwing at a minimum when you live in a glass house Gloria TV News on the Feast of Blessed Bartholomew of Vicenza
(you even provided a pronunciation file for pronunciation! lol )
Germen         27/03/2012 17:27
Holy Cannoli         27/03/2012 13:33
I believe Lucia speaks 5 languages. I speak one.
It is perfectly understandable that both Lucia and Doina may mispronounce a few words from time to time when they are not speaking in their native tongue (Romanian, Polish or Russian).
That is NOT a problem.
The problem is when a pompous, pretentious, ungentlemanly jerk openly criticizes this lady when the correction could have been done just as effectively and much more tactfully by a private message.
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ACLumsden         27/03/2012 08:30
Thanks for posting the news! But what happened today? Your pronunciation of the English language is usually quite good....