Beloved: The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia
HerzMariae     09/06/2009 13:12
The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia, commonly known as the Nashville Dominicans, continue to expand into new territory with a message of hope that the springtime of the New Evangelization is indeed in bloom. For almost 150 years, in the heart of … [More]         10/06/2013 01:24
Greetings with God's Blessings!
My name is Jacqueline Dinter, a lay person from a small town in Alberta, Canada. I am writing to you, on behalf of our pilgrim group (total of 9 persons: 1 couple with their 15 yr old son; 1 couple with their mature & well behaved 9 yr old daughter; 1 mother with her 13yr9month old son; and myself, 52 yr old lady).
With much prayer and discernment, we believe our Gracious God is calling us to participate in the Mission Week plus WYD Rio de Janeiro events, this … [More]
Miss Maria         10/01/2010 19:03
lovesGod40         07/09/2009 21:14
nashville Dominicans are beautiful reflections of God's love. They are truly brides of Christ. They teach with Joy and make their students have a love for learning. God Bless them