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Miracles of Faith: Cross of Light Appears in New Jersey

Fr. Richard Tartaglia confirms cross of light as a visible sign appearing during Holy Week in Mine Hill, New Jersey, and photographs the image on Good Friday, April 6, 2012. With respect to miracles, Jesus said, "Unless you people see signs and … [More]


The Seeker of Spiritual Phenomena

Loci B. Lenar shares his testimony with The Standard-Times and regarding signs, wonders and miracles related to Christianity and his Catholic faith. The following excerpt is By Linda Andrade Rodrigues: In John 4:48, Jesus said…

Loci Lenar

Loci Lenar to Speak at Prayer Service Regarding Signs of Archangel Michael (Denville, New Jersey, USA) - Loci B. Lenar will speak at St. Mary’s Catho… [More]


Miracle Cross a Topic of Conversation on Radio Maria

Reaching out with evangelization, Fr. Richard Tartaglia and parishioner Loci B. Lenar of St. Mary's Church, Denville, NJ, were guest speakers on Sacred Treasures, a Catholic radio show hosted by Kathie Duggan. If you missed hearing Fr. Tartaglia …