High Tech Photographs Of Fetal Development
AlexBKaiser     23/06/2009 07:13
The Unborn Baby - High Tech Photographs / Pro-life Anti-Abortion Video. Photos courtesy of Priests For Life. Pachabel's Cannon music from the Music Bakery. Video from rosaryfilms of Secret of the Rosary.
Development of the Unborn Baby. Fetal Develop… [More]
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frpope         24/06/2009 21:49
Thank youfor this wonderful pro-life contribution. I have posted it at the Blog of the Archdiocese of Washington here: blog.adw.org/.../the-handiwork-of-god
Msgr. Pope
Leah         24/06/2009 17:08
How beautiful. I wish all who are thinking of abortion could see this video first!
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