Msgr Calkins "Our Lady of All Nations" 4/6     19/07/2009 01:38
"Our Lady of All Nations"
A major Marian conference discussing the impact the proclamation of the Coredemption Dogma would have on the Church for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the context of approved Marian Apparitions. This … [Más]
holyrope1         19/07/2009 15:20
El anuncio ha sido cancelado por el autor del medio.
REVTHREEVS21         19/07/2009 10:00
I was witnessing to a man, who was struck by lightening a few years ago. He told me about a friend, who in his early 50's, who grew up Catholic, but converted to the Jewish faith. He told me, this friend named Joe. Was in North Idaho, at a lake called Warm Lake in Idaho when Our Lady appeared to him, the whole sky filling up with her image!!!! She told him to convert back to the true faith. He started going to Holy Mass twice a day, and stayed up late at night, trying to paint the image he saw!… [Más]