Resignation of Bishop Joseph Martino
Gregor  03/09/2009 07:54
press conference concerning the resignation of Bishop Joseph Martino of Scranton
Leah     07/09/2009 17:57
As a resident of this area, I understand. Bishop Joseph Martino is too Pro-Life. He is not politically correct or in line with the majority of his fellow bishops in the USCCB. A true Shepherd, who has been "forced" to resign. Very very sad.....
ACLumsden     05/09/2009 21:01
Gosh.... how times have changed from the time of Bazil the Great or of even, in our time, Fulton Sheen! This is pathetic, a Bishop retiring due to 'physical fatigue'!? There MUST be something more to this resignation...!
mrsreneoriordan     05/09/2009 16:02
I don't get it? - Blessings - Rene
Gregor     03/09/2009 09:32
Sokrates     03/09/2009 08:24
Der (FSSPX-)"Remnant" rät dem Papst, den Bischof zum Kardinal zu machen.