Barbarella     08/09/2009 07:06
Remembered in Sand: Stalin's Ukrainian Massacre
Barbara Anna         11/09/2009 07:43
the worst thing was not Stalin himself but the soviet regime that forced people to worship him as a god
the system affected human minds and souls
even some years ago elderly women in Russia cried over the death of this monster
pina         11/09/2009 00:34
ja wirklich
REVTHREEVS21         09/09/2009 04:52
Stalin, layed on the floor, in the Presidential palace, paranoid, and insane, demon possessed, dying slowly, poisoned by one of the few in his inner circle, that got to him first, whom he was about to murder. The head of the snake, finally found its way full circle, and in the end, Stalin tasted death slowly....poisoned to death, gagging. Cursing God, and all those around him. A fitting end, to a Catholic Murdering Christ-less monster. [More]
YOSSI         08/09/2009 12:09
Barbara Anna         08/09/2009 09:05
thanks for the extraordinary video
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