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Hello Catholic Bishops! Illegal immigration is a crime!
Bishop Frank J. Dewane sent the faithful of his diocese, of which I am one, an e-mail correspondence in which he expressed his desire for support of the American Catholic Bishop's in 'lobbying … [More]
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tbswv         21/01/2013 00:13
The ironic thing is that Mexico has a more strict immigration policy than the USA. The good ol USA is becoming a third world nation. I know that may seem harsh for some to hear but it's true. The statistics bare this out. As usual clergy speak out about something they know nothing about. I admit I am not the authority on this topic but I live in the real world and work with people from all over the world, mostly from middle east, africa, asia, and mexico. Unchecked immigration is hurting this … [More]
lukedaniel         20/01/2013 22:32
You will find that the majority (if not all) of liberal modernist clergy who support illegal immigration, also support the women's right to choose what to do with her own body (including comtracepting and abortion). I Myself, was told by a 70+ old nun that women should have the right to choose! These same religious, with their 'social justice' facade will also defend illegals. ...Of course, We know that our country should of had borders put up decades's a crooked government that is … [More]
martmario         20/01/2013 22:03
I disagree. One thing is to support abortion and a totally different thing is legalization of immigrants. The nation needs laws to strengthen the borders and solve the problem with the illegal immigrants that are already here. The bishops and EVERY catholic need to stand for life. For me to be mixing both this issues into one animal is a erroneous.
Fidelium         20/01/2013 15:30
Quite the thing that many of the liberal modernist clergy who wish to defend the illegal immigrants are the same who are in favor of allowing same immigrants to kill their unborn children...and allow children to be adopted into their homo unions for those who have chosen to live in a lifestyle of sodomy.
Holy Cannoli         20/01/2013 09:35
In your obvious effort to justify Mexicans who enter the United States illegally, you have even gone so low as to try and make a comparison with the Holy Family. Haven't you people any shame?
Ancient Judea and ancient Egypt were under the Roman Empire, so moving from one to the other was NOT an act of “immigration,” much less “illegal”?
In his 2009 book The Immigration Crisis: Immigrants, Aliens, and the Bible, James Hoffmeier of Trinity International University near Chicago wrote that the … [More]
Luchin Gajardin         20/01/2013 08:39
I want to recall what happended to Mary, Joseph and Jesus when the have to live to Egipt. They were also ilegal inmigrat in Egipt, but they were received by those communities, and they spent many years under that condition. They did not recuest to become nationals of Egipt, because they know that they were returning to Israel.
Yours in Christ our Lord
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