How protestant churches work
AlexBKaiser  01/12/2009 08:25
The Reverse Collection Plate
JudeMarian     01/12/2009 16:51
I would have to say that I don't forget nor do I belittle the concept of ¨seperated brethren.¨ There are true followers of Christ in most if not all denominations. That they don't realize they are seperated from Holy Mother Church at this point is only reason for me to pray all the harder for them, and try harder to set a good Catholic example for them, so that we may all be as one just as Jesus intended. I'm thankful for the good where ever I see it, regardless who it is that lets God use … [More]
mq     01/12/2009 15:34
No, this is not how Protestant Churches work, maybe this one and a few others, but they don't work like this.
ansgar     01/12/2009 15:12
fathersofmercy     01/12/2009 09:04
Hi,The Catholic Church has always done this. There is NO OTHER Church in the world that gives more than the Catholic Church. Never has been another and never will. In fact, the Catholic Church knows that if MUST help the needy because we are obedient to Scripture and don't believe in faith ALONE. I ironic this is a novel idea.