Gloria.TV News on the 7th of June 2013
Gloria.TV News     6.6.2013 18:36
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Yesterday the Church commemorated Saint Norbert. Every priest and bishop was supposed to read about his life in the breviary. One sentence deserves to be mentioned – quote: “When he became … [Mehr]
gloriaburnsenoch         17.6.2013 15:07
I find it interesting that Liberal Catholics (and I am one, I think) don't want the Latin Mass (Tridentine Mass), but I love the Latin mass. It was the mass during my young formation, i.e. communion, confirmation. I cannot see what the form of the mass has to do with Liberal and Traditional, or Conservative. Maybe that is why I sometimes get funny looks. Well, from one old Liberal, Social Justice Catholic I love the Latin Mass. Lets not have a triumph of form over content. What would Jesus say?… [Mehr]
Temperance         14.6.2013 00:22
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Thanks Gloria TV for the news.
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Man kann Karneval Lachmann, den Faschingskardinal aus Mainz, der Gold mit Sch***** verwechselt und statt der hl. Kommunion lieber Todespillen austeilt, nur bemitleiden.
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Uncle Joe         7.6.2013 07:15
Thanks for the news, Lucia.

Speaking of Rio, will be sending a contingent to join in the festivities?
Do I need to learn how to Samba?
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