Satire: The Devil's Advocates
PreciousBlood     13.1.2010 09:30
This is a short video made for
kfarley         13.1.2010 17:33
It could be called "Accidental Martyrdom" to be killed for Mormon beliefs!
REVTHREEVS21         13.1.2010 17:28
Kfarley: Have you ever stopped, and thought about the fact, that.....there have been only about 3 Mormons, that have been Martyrd, or maybe its 5......I look at that as being a gauge, at how, much of a threat they are to the Devil!!!!!!!!!! [Mehr]
REVTHREEVS21         13.1.2010 17:20
Kfarley, this is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........LGibson, needs to watch this........ [Mehr]
kfarley         13.1.2010 14:18
This video is great! The dialogue could have been incorporated into "The Devil's Advocate" movie. The whole monologue is well worth listening too. Satire is only fun when it's accurate and this is an excellent representation of what the devil wants and gets from people who do not practice true Christianity.