Gloria TV News on the Feast of St. Clement Mary Hofbauer
Gloria.TV News     16/03/2010 08:02
Did a German Magazine Put a Bounty on the Head of the Pope?

The German news magazine ‚Spiegel’ has allegedly tried to pay one million Euro to anybody who accuses Pope Benedict XVI of a personally committed sexual abuse – the German blog ‘… [More]
kfarley         23/03/2010 20:44
As horrible as Hillary is she's better than Obama! Obama is left of Hillary in his liberal Socialism and that is off the scale left! It is a sorry state of affairs in this country when you long for the days of the Clintons compared to the Socialist Dictator Obama the brain-dead "Sheeple" elected that will result in the death of freedom in America.
holyrope1         23/03/2010 20:36
Guess Hillary needs to be reminded that if her mother had aborted her, she wouldn't be there speaking for womens' "rights" now, would she?
POWER, GREED, & MONEY..that's the name of the game!
Carmen Carolina         23/03/2010 20:25
I think we should control longevity instead of birth control.We should start by Hilary.
She looks awful!
I rather look at a baby face than to look at her puffy eyes and saggy skin.
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