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FSSP Vocations ~ Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary DVD

The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter is pleased to announce the completion of a 28 minute film entitled “To God Who Giveth Joy To My Youth”. The title, taken from the opening words of Mass in the Extraordinary Form, captures the essence of the … [More]

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I love the FSSP--my daughter received her preparation for her Confirmation, from them

lovely indeed!! Would that they become more mainstream....

I absolutely love this video!I watched it twice.
-especially the part where a seminarian plays the bag pipes! - so random!!


FSSP Vocations: OL of Guadalupe

Dear holyrope 3, if you like, the full 28 minute 30 second version of this FSSP vocations video is here. FSSP Vocations ~ Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary DVD PAX