iconfife     09/09/2010 16:41
Short reflection on the need for today's Catholic men to live purity.
iconfife         10/09/2010 16:55
Holy CannoliFunny point about the barn door...should have thought of that!
Holy Cannoli         10/09/2010 07:49
The topic is good and the delivery was better than average . Brief, lacking specifics, but simply a taste of this important subject.
You said, “probably the most important issue facing Catholic men today.”
Take a stand. If you believe it, say it. “the most important 'MORAL' issue facing Catholic men today.” One of the other important issues facing Catholic men today is that they are afraid of acting like men. Heaven knows there are few examples within the clergy (exceptions duly noted)
Perhaps … [More]
zhxia         10/09/2010 05:09
Short reflection on the magnanimous ugg bootsspirit that should inspire today's men. [More]