Dr Stuart Reiss         Thursday, 18:24
@chancla don't use Quo Primum, to justify your protestant position (in the sense of protesting the current liturgical position in the church). Liturgical directives are disciplinary and, therefore, subject to change. And no Pope would issue directives to bind their successors. The point, ultimately, is that the Church is governed by a living authority, and all appeals to Scripture, tradition, emotional attachment or personal preference (however sound and certain these appeals appear to those … [More]
Dr Stuart Reiss         Thursday, 17:51
@chancia Pope Liberius was a weak man and was imprisoned and probably had been tortured to force him to support the Arian heresy, at the time he condemned St. Athansius. He was therefore obviously acting under duress, as St. Athanasius pointed out when he refused to accept the validity of the excommunication.
JPII was free, fully within his faculties when he excommunicated Archbishop Lefebvre and others. This excommunication is lifted as you know. thank BXVI for the motu proprio, and the LMS, … [More]
barefootgirl         Thursday, 17:24
makatukan         Thursday, 17:03
This posting has been cancelled by the author of the medium.
stefan4711         Thursday, 14:53
Don't feed the troll.
MehCatholicJason         Thursday, 12:50
ElizabethCook         Thursday, 10:44
Dear Gloria TV,
Sorry, but Richard Wurmbrand is not Catholic and as your motto is the more Catholic the Better, I agree and please do not put non-Catholic "heroes", yes he is Christian, but not Catholic and there is a big difference as you well know. Thank you and I otherwise enjoy many of your Catholic videos!
May Mary keep you and God Bless you all,
Elizabeth Cook
Ilka-Maria         Thursday, 07:02
Libor Halik         Thursday, 05:01
Jul 31, 2015 Paul Craig Roberts talks about the current stand off between the United States and Russia in the Ukraine. Is it too late to avoid war? [More]
juriquilla         Thursday, 04:50
Beautiful Homily, Father Odon, Thanks and God bless you always !
MehCatholicJason         Thursday, 01:40
Jaimemn         Wednesday, 21:11
St-Philomena         Wednesday, 09:59
Can I ask why this has been posted on this website? This group are known sedevacantsists. Please explain this to me.
Chris P.         Wednesday, 09:30
Thou shall not commit Adultery” – GOD’s Commandment Ex 20:14 ; Deut 5:18.
“Thou shall not covet thy Neighbor’s wife” – GOD’s Commandment Ex 20:17 ; Deut 5.20.
JESUS about divorce and remarriage – Mk 10:6-12; Mt 5:32.
JESUS about adultery, mercy, and required repentance – “Go and Sin NO more” Jn 8:11. CCC: #1650, &1651
makatukan         Wednesday, 05:49
A tu co bojkotuje ten neon?
chancla         Tuesday, 23:18
Hmmm, who has been obedient to past pope and saint -- Pius V? The Novus Ordo Church or the SSPX? Papal bull Quo Primum makes that clear.
I think I'll stick with true Catholics like Saint Athanasius (who despite his "excommunication" continued to ordain bishops against the pope's wishes), Pope Saint Pius V, and of course Archbishop Lefebvre.
Thank God for the SSPX, without which we would have seen the near complete annihilation of the true Roman Catholic Rite of Mass. Thanks to the SSPX we have … [More]
GodsCowboy         Tuesday, 21:08

Why isn't there a DOWNLOAD BUTTON for this video?
Thanks again, GOD BLESS
Chuck Lentine
(AKA GOD'S Cowboy)
GodsCowboy         Tuesday, 21:06

The title says Part 2. Is there a Part1? Where can I find it?
Thanks again, GOD BLESS
Chuck Lentine (AKA GOD'S Cowboy)
franciscaa         Tuesday, 15:11
RomanCandle         Tuesday, 13:23
The first law of life is love.
Sonia Chrisye         Tuesday, 08:07
Nabucco- Chor der Deutschen Staatsoper Berlin
Nabucco - Hebrew Slaves Chorus
cristiada.cristeros         Tuesday, 07:43
Normal quand on éduque conciliairement ses gamins.
Interview Abp Gadecki
03:13 The Lie of the Italian Archbishop and...
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