onlycatholic         Sunday, 19:52
God forgive him!!!
Viandonta         Sunday, 19:13
Carlus         Sunday, 15:19
Brahms - Waldesnacht (UniversitätsChor München)
adeste fideles         Saturday, 15:35
A servant of God must not seek the recognition among men.
The vainglory leads a soul by the way to perdition
God rejoices in the humble souls.
Esperanza Matinal         Saturday, 15:34
Glorify the Lord! [More]
tearlach         Saturday, 13:54
Wow, they are both very inspiring. I am also handicap so I can relate closer to them and empathize with them. The only obstacle to do things is ourselves, very often I find people who are healthy to be so pessimistic and at times so hopeless. that it takes a handicap to let them see that they should not handicap themselves and should thank God that they are complete and healthy. God Bless thanks for sharing this beautiful video.
Leticia María         Saturday, 10:50
Why these priests are news and the faithful priests as Don Reto, they are not?
Kevin         Saturday, 10:46
The door to the right hand side of the sanctuary is where Sister Lucia would have received Holy Communion at Mass.
Elista         Saturday, 09:51 - hier auch in Irland!
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alfons maria stickler         Saturday, 08:12
Aber schimpfen tun die Sodomiten nur auf Katholiken:
Jerusalem Gay Pride: Six stabbed 'by ultra-Orthodox Jew'
JeanBaptiste         Saturday, 05:48
Wear your habit and your veil.
Leonard Wessell         Saturday, 04:47
Added note: I recommend highly watching the film October Baby. It has to do with a young lady who discovers that her parents are not her real parents. It seems that she had been aborted and than adopted. Being aborted forces upon the young lady the question as to "Why?". She starts a trip in search of her biological mother (who still rejects her) and ends in an act of forgiveness. Seldom have I found a film so impressive. At least that young lady was not killed post partem and dismantled for … [More]
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Leonard Wessell         Saturday, 04:17
The prelates of the Catholic Church should first and foremost ask publicly for forgiveness from God for supporting the leftism of the Democrat Party and particularly the election of President Barrack Abort-them Obama, whose HHS enacts health laws using tax payer monies to support Planned Parenthood to the tune of $500,000,000 / year and forces all Americans to buy insurance which by law includes buy abortion coverage (even if the buyer is a man or a child or nuns). I listen and I hear no such … [More]
Andrew Angelo         Friday, 20:02
If no Pope has condemned the Sacraments given by the SSPX, why would the Modernists take it upon themselves to condemn their celebration of the Sacraments? What about the Sacraments celebrated by the Modernist heretics? When will the Modernists acknowledge that it is they who are in an irregular situation? By their formal heresy they have incurred excommunication Latae Sententiae according to Canon Law.
St Turibio Romo         Friday, 18:45
Woefully inadequate to the horror of mass evil.
Dr Bobus         Friday, 17:52
Smart money says that Fr Raper SJ has never read the documents of Vat II and doesn't have clue what's in them.
Dr Stuart Reiss         Friday, 16:58
I thought at first it was men and women living in a commune on closer inspection it's all women? Urgh! Get them some touch with Mother Earth...nuns on a bus
Vox Populi         Friday, 16:09
The Holy Bible says "seeing do not see, and hearing they do not hear or understand"
Gestas         Friday, 16:02
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Viandonta         Friday, 15:53
St. Louis Blues
avgaso         Friday, 13:07
I want to read subtitles from this video , How can I do that?
humberton         Friday, 11:58
Joelle Beuret-Devanthery Recupera la Vista en Medjugorje.
Ben Martin         Friday, 09:24
Him and Francis should tour together!!
Ben Martin         Friday, 09:20
JpII promoted many heresy
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