With the Immaculate
With the Immaculate  19/10/2013 16:57
Very good sermon. Lively, doctrinal and convincing. Listen ! This is strong.
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With the Immaculate  18/09/2013 14:52
Father Girouard is just about to be expelled from the SSPX. Indeed, Bishop Fellay just sent Father Girouard, priest of the Vancouver area, his canonical monition ordering him to obey him under threat of expulsion. For those who don't know, Fr. … [More]
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With the Immaculate  29/06/2013 07:02
Vienna, VA, U.S.A. - June 29, 2013
Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Archbishop Lefebvre’s heroic decision in 1988 to consecrate truly Catholic bishops for the defense of the Catholic Faith and for the preservation of valid Sacraments from the … [More]
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With the Immaculate  28/06/2013 18:16
Fr Girouard answers objections saying that nothing has changed within the Society st Pius X. He explains that it is false and he shows some of the changes.
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With the Immaculate  10/06/2013 11:57
Read sacrificium.org
Transcription of the Sermon:
In the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.
I will be brief in this sermon because I have to read that statement … [More]
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With the Immaculate  10/06/2013 11:49
EDITORIAL sacrificium
June 2nd, 2013
Dear reader,
The reasons we have decided to leave Christ the King Priory and church in Langley, British Columbia, are not complicated or hard to grasp. Let us firstly say what has not been a part of our decision. … [More]
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With the Immaculate  09/06/2013 20:17
source: sacrificium (Fr Girouard's website) [More]
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With the Immaculate  05/03/2013 04:36
english translation by Cathinfo forum
french source : lasapiniere.info
Whatever thinks Jacques-Régis du Cray, the February 28th letter to Bishop Fellay was written by some Society priests of the district of France.
Mr. Ennemond (Jacques-Régis du … [More]
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With the Immaculate  04/03/2013 07:56
The Recusant. Fr Raphael has just been given a property in Mexico. [More]
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With the Immaculate  04/03/2013 07:27
The Recusant Fr Raphael has just been given a property in Mexico. [More]
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With the Immaculate  27/02/2013 09:07
A Catechism of the Crisis in the SSPX
Source in french : lasapiniere.info
Read the Recusant.com

Lisez le blog Avec l'Immaculée
Spanish version : blog Non possumus Deutsch in Vorbereitung on Mit der Immaculata Polish version By a French priest of … [More]
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With the Immaculate  13/02/2013 04:46
Translation taken on St Dominic 3 Order [More]
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With the Immaculate  02/02/2013 09:28
16 priests signed it. Fr Jean-Michel Faure joined us.
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With the Immaculate  19/01/2013 01:04
NB : About the subtiltles. A little precision : In French, Abp Lefebvre says : "we'll not be able to collaborate" (and not "we will not collaborate".)
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With the Immaculate  18/01/2013 16:41
Other sermons or conferences on Eglisemilitante [More]
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With the Immaculate  18/01/2013 16:00
Fight and spirituality. Good sermon!
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With the Immaculate  17/01/2013 20:58
You will find a second conference on the same subject on with the Immaculate of gloria tv.
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With the Immaculate  17/01/2013 20:17
This conference was given on December, 31st 2012, in Boston, Kentucky. You can listen to the first conference about the same subject on With the Immaculate of gloria tv. The first conference was given on December, 29th 2012.
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With the Immaculate     17/01/2013 18:07
The main part of our french bishops belongs to freemasonry, this horrible declaration is a proof... Read They have Uncrowned Him : from Liberalism to Apostasy, the Conciliar Tragedy. Dickinson, Tex: Angelus Press. ISBN 0-935952-05-5 from Abp Lefebvre and you will understand many things...
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With the Immaculate  17/01/2013 09:40
SSPX Resistance : new "unofficial" newsletter for the GB district.
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With the Immaculate  17/01/2013 09:33
SSPX Resistance : new "unofficial" newsletter for the GB district.
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With the Immaculate  24/12/2012 16:59
Very good news. A new seminary will open in october 2013.
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With the Immaculate  09/12/2012 02:59
Fr Ortiz has been a priest for 28 years in the SSPX. He explains what is wrong with Bp Fellay.
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With the Immaculate  01/12/2012 03:23
Donations: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church
1730 N. Stillwell Road, Boston, KY 40107 USA
Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer November 24, 2012 In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy … [More]
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