parentsfortruth         29/12/2013 15:54
There's always another side to a story. The "shoahbusiness" in Hollywood... come on, folks, we should know better. At least read the other side, not from Hollywood producers and people with massive financial interest in keeping this charade going.
This man was dying and had nothing to gain. He was not a monster. He was a human being, that died in God's good graces, and with the sacraments, thank God.
parentsfortruth         21/01/2013 01:44
Unreal. The world is on the verge of a global dictatorship, and the Vatican thinks it's a good idea to take guns away from people. So these evil governments, the goals that do not coincide with the Social Kingship of Christ the King, that's goal are atheistic materialism for the entire world, are the only ones that should possess guns? Someone should be questioning the goals of the Vatican if that's their "aim."
parentsfortruth         20/01/2013 17:11
This looks to me like one of the tactics of the Freemasons. The SSPX is not angry, or anything else. They've never left the Church. The Vatican should be asking for their apology and return to the Church, not the other way around. "Tradidi quod et accepi-I have transmitted to you what I have received." The Vatican has not done this.
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