PreciousBlood     05/01/2011 09:07
The Nativity of the Virgin Mary Orthodox Church Choir sings traditional Slavic Christmas carols
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PreciousBlood     24/12/2010 07:37
The Christmas Story (2010 version) - as told by the children of St Paul's Church.
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PreciousBlood     04/06/2010 11:17
The 9-year old boy who was given almost no chance of surviving is sharing his amazing story with people across the country. This is truly a miracle and shows that God look over all of us.
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PreciousBlood     09/04/2010 14:08
This video was featured on CNN of a young girl with incredible drawing talent.
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PreciousBlood         17/03/2010 16:31
May God bless the new priests.
PreciousBlood     05/03/2010 10:05
This is an audio clip from my comedy CD "I've Got A Funny Feeling About This". Available at
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PreciousBlood         28/02/2010 10:06
Great. Thanks.
PreciousBlood     23/02/2010 08:38
Created @catholic University of America in 2009 as part of Campus MovieFest, the world's largest student film festival.
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PreciousBlood     23/02/2010 05:57
The conflict between a Rockford abortion clinic and pro-life demonstrators is brought to a whole new level in this Illinois town where staff members at the local abortion clinic post handwritten signs with foul language and profane sacred images in … [More]
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PreciousBlood     22/02/2010 07:27
1 Corinthians 13. This is how God calls us to LOVE EVERYONE! I made this for everyone that needs to tell someone they love them, but are wrapped up in busy lives or might not have the right words.
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PreciousBlood     21/02/2010 16:28
Father and son are sitting on a bench. Suddenly a sparrow lands across them.
Father: Nikos Zoiopoulos
Son: Panagiotis Bougiouris
Directed by: Constantin Pilavios Written by: Nikos & Constantin Pilavios Director of photgraphy: Zoe Manta Music … [More]
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PreciousBlood     21/02/2010 16:09
The Catholicism Trailer
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PreciousBlood     19/02/2010 07:16
Johnny and Chachi team up with special guest Gary Smalley to share some more killer marriage tips. From communication to finances, these guys are full of marriage advice sure to help any husband.
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PreciousBlood     15/02/2010 08:29
Zara Hartshorn
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PreciousBlood     09/02/2010 07:08
The Controversial Ad
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PreciousBlood     06/02/2010 14:51
Catholic University of America
A lecture by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn
Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Pryzbyla Great Room
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PreciousBlood     03/02/2010 12:53
Fr. Larry Richards speaks on confession at 2005 Boston Catholic Men's Conference
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PreciousBlood     03/02/2010 09:51
Father Vic, from SoulWow shows what we really need to do to get clean from the inside out. Visit and get that almost baptized feeling! Do it Today!
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PreciousBlood     02/02/2010 10:09
Brian Gail, author of Fatherless, shares some of his experiences and insights concerning moral relativism, contraception, and the pill.
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PreciousBlood     02/02/2010 09:59
Brian Gail, author of Fatherless, shares some of his experiences and insights concerning moral relativism, contraception, and the pill
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PreciousBlood     01/02/2010 11:42
I just walked down the street to the coffee shop
had to take a break
I'd been by her side for eighteen hours straight
I saw a flower growing in the middle of the sidewalk
pushing up through the concrete like it was planted right there for me to see … [More]
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PreciousBlood     26/01/2010 14:50
St. Peter's Gallery Choir performance for Lessons and Carols on December 6, 2008. Mark Husey, Director of Music and Liturgy conducts.
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PreciousBlood     20/01/2010 15:36
Am 17. Januar demonstrierten 20.000 Lebensschützer in Paris für das Recht auf Leben ungeborener Kinder.
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PreciousBlood     18/01/2010 16:19
Watch 16 year-old Maddy Curtis wow the "American Idol" judges. Video below.
Maddy Curtis, the 9th of twelve children and sister to four siblings with Downs Syndrome (three of which are adopted) could not be sweeter. Her audition of "Hallelujah" had … [More]
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PreciousBlood     14/01/2010 07:23
Missionary Eaten by Cannibals - Tribute
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PreciousBlood     13/01/2010 09:30
This is a short video made for
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PreciousBlood     08/01/2010 15:18
There are about a thousand things funny about this video.
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PreciousBlood         02/01/2010 15:42
This posting has been cancelled by the author of the medium.
PreciousBlood     30/12/2009 08:16
Protestant preaching.
What does it cost you to follow Christ? Everything. Steve Lawson preaches on Luke 14 on the Cost of Discipleship.
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