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Irapuato     14:13
Pope Francis to visit White House on Sept. 23
WASHINGTON — President Obama will host Pope Francis at the White House on Sept. 23, the White House confirmed Thursday.
The historic visit will mark only the third time a pontiff has visited the White House. President Carter met with Pope John Paul II in the Oval Office for an hour in 1979; President Bush hosted Pope Benedict XVI in 2008.…/70481144
Irapuato     13:45
Alone at controls, co-pilot 'intentionally' destroyed plane
PARIS (AP) — The co-pilot of the Germanwings jet barricaded himself in the cockpit and intentionally rammed the plane full speed into the French Alps, ignoring the captain's frantic pounding on the door and the screams of terror from passengers, a prosecutor said Thursday.
In a split second, all 150 people aboard the plane were dead.
Andreas Lubitz's "intention (was) to destroy this plane," Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin … [More]
Irapuato     04:17
Saint Braulio of Zaragoza
Bishop of Saragossa, date of birth unknown, d. at Saragossa c. 651. In 631 he succeeded his brother John, whose archdeacon he had been, in the episcopal See of Saragossa. His influence extended not only to the bishops, but also to the Kings of Spain. In one of his letters (no. xxxvii) he urged King Chindaswinth to appoint a co-regent in the person of his son Receswinth. To his insistence with his friend Isidore of Seville, is due the inception and … [More]
Irapuato     02:15
On Palm Sunday, March 29th, starting at 9.30am, the Pope will bless the palm and olive branches in St Peter’s Square. At the end of the procession he will preside at the celebration of Mass of the Lord’s Passion. On Holy Thursday, April 2nd, Pope Francis will concelebrate the Chrism Mass with cardinals, patriarchs, archbishops, bishops and presbyters present in Rome.
On Good Friday, April 3rd, the Pope will preside at the celebration of Our Lord’s Passion in St Peter’s Basilica … [More]
Irapuato     01:26
Newsbreak: South Carolina Senate Committe on Medical Affairs hears testimony on Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.
-Vatican releases Pope Francis's Holy Week Schedule.
-Pope Francis visits Naples, blesses congregation with blood relic of St Januarius. [More]
Irapuato     23:54
Report: France jet audio shows pilot locked out of cockpit
One of the pilots is heard leaving the cockpit, then banging on the door with increasing urgency in an unsuccessful attempt to get back in.
"The guy outside is knocking lightly on the door and there is no answer," The New York Times quotes an unidentified investigator as saying. "And then he hits the door stronger and no answer. There is never an answer."
Eventually, the newspaper quotes the investigator as saying: "You can … [More]
Irapuato     Wednesday, 14:01
These are the nationalities of the A320 victims, as confirmed by either Germanwings or their country's governments:
72 Germans
35 Spaniards; Spain says there may be up to 39
3 British, confirmed by the government, which says there may be more
3 Kazakhs 3 Americans 2 Argentines 2 Australians 2 Colombians 2 Iranians 2 Japanese 2 Venezuelans 1 Belgian 1 Dane 1 Dutch 1 Israeli 1 Mexican 1 Moroccan 1 Turk…/live-updates-3-… [More]
Irapuato     Wednesday, 10:33
Convento y museo de Santa Teresa, Casa natal de Teresa de Jesús
La iglesia, levantada sobre la casa natal de Teresa de Cepeda y Ahumada, forma conjunto con el convento carmelitano. Por debajo, la gran cripta abovedada de enterramientos, actual museo teresiano y única dentro de la arquitectura religiosa española. Dirigidas las obras por el arquitecto carmelita Fray Alonso de San José, se inician en 1629, inaugurándose el 15 de octubre de 1636.
En el más puro estilo Barroco Carmelitano… [More]
Irapuato     Wednesday, 10:01
The Convent of St. Teresa is one of two main destinations for Catholic pilgrims to Ávila. The 17th-century convent was built after the canonization of St. Teresa (1515-82) over the house where she was born. It contains her relics, along with those of her friend St. John of the Cross, in a small museum.
History of Convento de Santa Teresa
Saint Teresa (1515-1582) was born into a noble family of Ávila on March 28, 1515. Religiously inclined from a young age, Teresa was fascinated … [More]
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Irapuato     Wednesday, 06:02
Holy Mass in celebration of the feast of the Annunciation from Nazareth.
05:00 PM
Irapuato     Wednesday, 05:56
THE INCARNATION-Mystical City of God by Sor Ma. de Jesús de Ágreda:…/cityofgoddivine…
138. At the pronouncing of this "fiat," so sweet to the hearing of God and so fortunate for us, in one in- stant, four things happened. First, the most holy body of Christ our Lord was formed from the three drops of THE INCARNATION 111 blood furnished by the heart of most holy Mary. Sec- ondly, the most holy soul of the same Lord was created, just as the other souls. Thirdly, the soul … [More]
Irapuato     Tuesday, 23:21
Irapuato     Tuesday, 23:16
150 homeless people to dine in the Vatican Museums
The idea for this initiative came from the Office of Papal Charities: the group of homeless people will enter the Sistine Chapel Thursday and after their visit they will stop to eat in the Museums' refreshment area. They will have their own special guides. [More]
Irapuato     Tuesday, 22:55
The Feast of the Annunciation
The Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (25 March), also called in old calendars: FESTUM INCARNATIONIS, INITIUM REDEMPTIONIS CONCEPTIO CHRISTI, ANNUNTIATIO CHRISTI, ANNUNTIATIO DOMINICA. In the Orient, where the part which Mary took in the Redemption is celebrated by a special feast, 26 December, the Annunciation is a feast of Christ; in the Latin Church, it is a feast of Mary. It probably originated shortly before or after the council … [More]
Irapuato     Tuesday, 11:45
Der Direktor des Joseph-König-Gymnasiums in Haltern hat alle Schüler nach Hause geschickt, berichtet die „Halterner Zeitung“ – und bestätigt damit die schlimmsten Befürchtungen:
An Bord der abgestürzten Germanwings-Maschine sollen sich auch 16 Schüler und 2 Lehrerinnen der Europaschule in Nordrhein-Westfalen befunden haben. "Wir wissen, dass die Schülergruppe an Bord der Maschine gegangen ist", sagte Schulministerin Sylvia Löhrmann (Grüne) am Dienstag dem WDR. Das bestätigte eine Sprecherin … [More]
Irapuato     Tuesday, 05:54
Pope Francis will "rest" for 1 week/El Papa descansará una semana/Papa Francesco si prende una settimana di
El papa Francisco se quedará una semana trabajando en la nueva encíclica. Lo indicó este lunes el vicedirector de la oficina de prensa de la Santa Sede, el padre Ciro Benedettini, confirmando que el documento saldrá hacia la mitad del presente año. Después del intenso viaje pastoral del Papa a Nápoles y antes del inicio de la Semana Santa, la agenda … [More]
Irapuato     Tuesday, 00:14
Pray daily before each Meditation:
I greet you, Ever-blessed Virgin, Mother of God, Throne of Grace, miracle of Almighty Power! I greet you, Sanctuary of the Most Holy Trinity and Queen of the Universe, Mother of Mercy and refuge of sinners!
Most loving Mother, attracted by your beauty and sweetness, and by your tender compassion, I confidently turn to you, miserable as I am, and beg of you to obtain for me from your dear Son the favor I request in this … [More]
Irapuato     Tuesday, 00:01
May 23 outdoor Mass set for beatification of Archbishop Romero
By Edgardo Ayala
Catholic News Service
SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (CNS) -- Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero will be beatified in San Salvador May 23, said Italian Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, the postulator or chief promoter of the archbishop's sainthood cause.
The ceremony, which moves the murdered archbishop a step closer to sainthood, will be in Plaza Divino Salvador del Mundo. The archbishop said Cardinal Angelo … [More]
Irapuato     Monday, 14:36
On Monday evening the Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Vincent Nichols is celebrating Mass for the repose of the soul of Richard III in the Holy Cross Priory in Leicester.
Speaking to Vatican Radio’s Lydia O’Kane, the Cardinal said that King Richard was a man of prayer. “the Archbishop of Canterbury when he comes to the interment on Thursday will bring with him Richard III’s book of hours, so his prayer book… and in that prayer book there an annotations and there is a prayer that … [More]
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