LawrenceOP-Fan     12:06
I visited the beautiful and historic Belgian city of Bruges with my friend just over a week ago. We went as pilgrims to venerate the Precious Blood relic in the Basilica of the Precious Blood.
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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LawrenceOP-Fan     06:07
A horse-drawn carriage plies the streets of beautiful Bruges.
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LawrenceOP-Fan     00:07
Called 'Little Venice', the canals of Bruges intersect the city and are a great way to explore the place.
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Monday, 16:07
The belfry (beffroi) of Bruges, like so many in the other cities in Flanders, is a landmark and one of the highest points in the city. It was used to mark time and to sound the alarm. As a whole, the belfries of Belgium and France have been … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Monday, 12:16
The streets of Bruges are filled with little shrines to Our Lady and other saints, a testimony to the city's Catholic heritage and foundation.
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Monday, 00:07
The tower of Sacred Heart church in Lille is 75m high and was built by Charles Sarazin. The rest of the church is by Jules Batigny, begun in 1875.
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Sunday, 16:07
"Jesus said to them, "I am the bread of life; he who comes to me shall not hunger, and he who believes in me shall never thirst" – Jn 6:35, which is part of today's Gospel at Mass. My sermon for today can be read here. Stained glass detail of Chris… [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Sunday, 12:16
Altar in the Sacred Heart church in Lille, a fine 19th-century Gothic building by Jules Batigny.
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Sunday, 06:07
The organ of the cathedral was originally built by Jacobus Van Eynde (1717–1719) and was expanded and rebuilt three times in the 20th century:
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Sunday, 00:16
The Sint-Salvator church in Bruges has a soaring tower, the oldest surviving part of which, the lower part, dates from the 12th century. The Romanesque upper part of the tower is from a 19th-century restoration by Chantrell.
Source: Lawrence OP on … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Saturday, 16:16
Detail from an altarpiece in Bruges Cathedral. Today is the feast of St Alphonsus, founder of the Redemptorists and patron saint of moral theologians and confessors
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Saturday, 00:07
Lille's Cathedral is an interesting hybrid. It was begun in 1854 as a Neo-Gothic building to house the 12th-century statue of Notre Dame de la Treille but work was halted due to war and lack of funds. The diocese of Lille, meanwhile, was established… [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Friday, 16:15
Stained glass from the Gillis Centre chapel in Edinburgh of St Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Friday, 12:07
Designed by the Lille architect Pierre-Louis Carlier, the west facade of Lille Cathedral, completed in 1999, is the product of great technical prowess and was made possible by the collaboration of Peter Rice (engineer for the Sydney Opera House and … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Friday, 06:07
Stained glass plays across the walls of Lille's Neo-Gothic cathedral.
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Friday, 00:07
The classic French Gothic apse of Lille Cathedral, begun in 1854.
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Thursday, 16:07
A replica of the 12th-century statue of Our Lady of the Trellis forms the heart of Lille Cathedral; a place of contemplation and peace.
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Thursday, 12:16
The main doors of Lille Cathedral are made of iron by the Jewish sculptor Georges Jeanclos. Also, trying to practise taking more portraits which are somewhat more challenging than architectural and stained glass shots!
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Thursday, 06:07
A line of saints look down on the south aisle of Hildesheim's St Michael's church.
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Thursday, 00:06
"Almighty ever-living God, whose Son was pleased to be welcomed in Saint Martha's house as a guest, grant, we pray, that through her intercession, serving Christ faithfully in our brothers and sisters, we may merit to be received by you in the … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Wednesday, 16:16
St Michael's church in Hildesheim is one of the most important churches of early Christian period architecture. It is a double-choir basilica with two transepts and a square tower at each crossing. This is the view towards the east from the west … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Wednesday, 12:07
Amiens overlooks the river Somme in the Picardy region, and its 13th-century cathedral dominates the picturesque town.
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Wednesday, 06:07
In the 13th century, motivated by the faith of their inhabitants, cities competed to build the most magnificent religious buildings. Thanks to technical progress, the experience gained from other building sites and the speed at which it was … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Wednesday, 00:07
Amiens Cathedral was built between 1220 and c.1270 to house the relic of the head of St John the Baptist. It is the tallest and largest completed cathedral in France. The facade, which is flanked by two square towers without spires, has three … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Tuesday, 16:16
The 110 oak stalls of Amiens Cathedral were made and installed from 1508 to 1522. The Baroque High Altar dates to 1751.
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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LawrenceOP-Fan     28/07/2015 12:16
Amiens Cathedral is the tallest complete cathedral in France, its stone-vaulted nave reaching an internal height of 42.30 metres (138.8 ft), and it also has the greatest interior volume of any French cathedral, estimated at 200,000 cubic metres (… [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     28/07/2015 12:16
Photos from a visit I made to Flanders with a good friend and fellow Scout of Europe.
LawrenceOP-Fan     28/07/2015 06:07
Entrance Procession with the Guides & Scouts of Europe baussant (standard) and the ancient standard of the Scouts of France devised by the Ven. Fr Jacques Sevin SJ.
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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LawrenceOP-Fan     28/07/2015 00:07
'Scoutisme' in Scotland: the Scouts of Europe held an international summer camp near Inverness this month.
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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LawrenceOP-Fan     27/07/2015 16:07
Elevation of the Chalice during Mass in the Scout Camp: Christ is in our midst!
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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