LawrenceOP-Fan     12:08
“Too late have I loved you, O Beauty of ancient days, yet ever new! Too late I loved you! And behold, you were within, and I abroad, and there I searched for you; I was deformed, plunging amid those fair forms, which you had made. You were with me, … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     06:07
"Renew in your Church, we pray, O Lord, that spirit with which you endowed your Bishop Saint Augustine that, filled with the same spirit, we may thirst for you, the sole fount of true wisdom, and seek you, the author of heavenly love. Through … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     00:08
"I was saying these things and weeping in the most bitter contrition of my heart, when, lo, I heard the voice as of a boy or girl, I know not which, coming from a neighbouring house, chanting, and oft repeating, "Take up and read; take up and read."… [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Friday, 16:07
"All those Catholic expounders of the divine Scriptures, both Old and New, whom I have been able to read, who have written before me concerning the Trinity, Who is God, have purposed to teach, according to the Scriptures, this doctrine, that the … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Friday, 12:16
"But all good shepherds are in the one Shepherd, and in that sense they are not many but one. When they feed the sheep it is Christ who is doing the feeding. In the same way the bridegroom’s friends do not speak with their own voices, but when they … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Friday, 00:07
This statue by Jacopo Sansovino in the Roman church of Sant'Apostino is venerated as the Madonna del Parto, the Madonna of Childbirth. It was commissioned in 1516 and older documents refer to it as the "Madonna of Stone" since carved statues of Our … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Thursday, 16:07
The ceiling in St Monica's chapel, in the church of Sant'Agostino in Rome is by Giovanni Battista da Novara, and it shows scenes from St Monica's life.
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Thursday, 12:17
Fresco from Sant'Agostino in Rome of St Monica with her son St Augustine. Her relics are enshrined in this church, and today, 27 August, is her feast day.
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Thursday, 00:07
Edinburgh Castle at dusk
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Wednesday, 16:07
The National War Memorial for Scotland was established by Royal Charter to commemorate the sacrifice of Scots in the Great War, Second World War and subsequent conflicts. The architect was Robert Lorimer, and the building was opened in 1927.
Source:… [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Wednesday, 12:17
Saint Ninian (traditionally 4th-5th century) is a Christian saint first mentioned in the 8th century as being an early missionary among the Pictish peoples of what is now Scotland. For this reason he is known as the Apostle to the Southern Picts, … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Wednesday, 00:07
St Louis, king of France, eager to liberate the Christians of the Holy Land from Muslim oppression, led the Seventh Crusade to the Holy Land, but in 1248–50 he died on another Crusade to Tunisia. Today, 25 August, is his feast day.
Source: Lawrence … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Tuesday, 16:07
In 1238 two Dominican friars, Jacques and André de Longjumeau, were sent by the saintly King Louis IX of France to bring the precious relic of the Crown of Thorns to Paris from Constantinople. The King built the Sainte Chapelle in Paris to receive … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Tuesday, 12:17
Stained glass of St Louis of France going on pilgrimage, from the Eglise de Sacre Coeur in Lille.
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Tuesday, 06:07
Amiens Cathedral was built in 1152 in Romanesque style and was destroyed by fire in 1218. Reconstruction was started around 1220 and the nave was completed around 1245. Reconstruction of the choir started began around 1238 and completed before 1269,… [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Tuesday, 00:07
Today, 24 August, is the feast of the apostle Bartholomew, who preached the Gospel in Armenia and India, and was martyred by being skinned alive. Hence he holds a knife as the sign of his martyrdom. This 13th-century statue of the saint is at … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Monday, 16:17
Ranks of apostles flank the central portal on the west facade of Amiens Cathedral, built in the 13th century.
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Monday, 12:07
The St Clement’s Island Museum rests on the east shore of the Potomac River overlooking St Clement’s Island, Maryland's First Colonial Landing in 1634; the first Mass in the Thirteen Colonies was celebrated on the island by Fr Andrew White SJ on … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Monday, 06:07
This new building was carefully constructed to not draw attention to itself as a "Catholic" structure. Its simple exterior of Flemish bonded brickwork, plain interior with the lack of a center aisle, and absence of a central crucifix were … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Monday, 00:07
"Though Southern Maryland is filled with historic sites, very few can boast that the original intent and purpose for their institution is still being carried out today in almost the exact spot as it was nearly 375 years ago. St. Francis Xavier … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Sunday, 16:17
St Rose was the first person born in the Americas to be canonized. A Dominican tertiary, she was born Isabel Flores y de Oliva in the city of Lima, then in the Viceroyalty of Peru, on 20 April 1586. She lived a saintly and austere life, and died … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Sunday, 12:07
"He, the Son of God, reflects on His heavenly Mother the glory, the majesty and the dominion of His kingship; for, having been associated with the King of Martyrs in the ineffable work of human Redemption as Mother and cooperatrix, she remains … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Sunday, 06:07
"Finally, the Immaculate Virgin, preserved free from all guilt of original sin, on the completion of her earthly sojourn was taken up body and soul into heavenly glory and exalted by the Lord as queen of the universe, that she might be the more … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Sunday, 00:07
"The self-same who was born of the Virgin is, in truth, King and the Lord God. And on His account, she who gave Him birth is properly and truly proclaimed Queen, Lady and Mother of God….And standing now as Queen at the right hand of her Son the … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     Saturday, 16:07
"Mary has a radical right to universal queenship by the fact of her divine motherhood, but the divine plan was that she should merit it also by her union with her suffering Son, and that she should not exercise it fully before being crowned queen … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     22/08/2015 12:17
"Constituted by the Lord, Queen of heaven and earth, and exalted above all the choirs of angels and the ranks of the Saints in heaven, standing at the right hand of her only begotten Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, she petitions most powerfully with … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     22/08/2015 00:07
"On June 2, 1835, Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto saw the light of earth at Riesi, Province of Treviso, in Venice; on August 20, 1914, he saw the light of heaven; and on May 29, 1954, he who had become the two hundred fifty-ninth pope was canonized St. … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     21/08/2015 16:08
"O Holy Spirit of Light and Love, to You I consecrate my heart, mind, and will for time and eternity. May I be ever docile to Your Divine inspirations and to the teachings of the holy Catholic Church whose infallible guide You are. May my heart be … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     21/08/2015 12:17
The arms of Pope St Pius X, whose feast is today (21st August) on the papal ombrellino inside the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington DC. Together with the papal bell on a staff, these form the special insignia … [More]
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LawrenceOP-Fan     21/08/2015 00:07
Truro Cathedral by John Loughborough Pearson was built between 1880-1910 on the site of the 16th-century parish church of St Mary, although the south aisle, seen above, was kept and incorporated into the new building.
Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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