Love EWTN  Saturday, 18:08
EWTN's own Jim and Joy Pinto, hosts of "At Home With Jim & Joy," will once again host EWTN's live coverage of San Francisco's 2015 "Walk for Life" – with "Life on the Rock" Hosts Fr. Mark Mary and Doug Barry on the ground and in the crowd! The … [More]
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Love EWTN  Saturday, 18:06
Fr. Bergman found his way into the Catholic Church through being an Episcopal priest. Eventually Fr. Bergmen left the parish he was pastoring, accompanied by a large portion of his congregation, to enter the Catholic Church. He was ordained a … [More]
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Love EWTN  Saturday, 18:06
David, a former Brethren in Christ minister, knew that commitment to Jesus Christ was important. He set out to find the best way to fulfill his commitment to Jesus. His journey of discovery led him to the beauty of the holy Catholic Church. EWTN is … [More]
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Love EWTN  Saturday, 18:06
Marcus and Joseph answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience. Joseph was born in the East End of London. As an embittered and angry young man the racial politics and ideology of the Skinheads appealed to him. He eventually became … [More]
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Love EWTN  Friday, 21:00
Screenwriter, Producer and Actor, Rik Swartzwelder joins Doug and Fr. Mark to discuss his new movie "Old Fashioned", which focuses on choosing the right person to love.
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Love EWTN  Friday, 20:19
Our Susie Pinto takes us to the Philippines, where Pope Francis has left a great impact on the people of the island nation.
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Love EWTN  Friday, 20:17
Imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedeni's wife tells EWTN News Nightly how a surprise meeting with President Obama this week marks a shift for religious liberty.
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Love EWTN  Friday, 20:08
Our Mark Irons introduces us to Students for Life of America, a group of young adults who want to bring an end to abortion.
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Love EWTN  Friday, 17:41
Our team following Pope Francis in the Philippines had a chance to take in the culture of the island nation.
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Love EWTN  Friday, 17:30
Former Abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino and Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson share how they left the abortion industry to become pro-life advocates.
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Love EWTN  Friday, 15:29
Dr. Day Gardner, the President of the National Black Pro-Life Union, shares how the abortion industry is targeting the African American community.
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Love EWTN  Friday, 15:25
Mary Hallan FioRito from the Chicago Archdiocese underlines the importance of helping women in a crisis pregnancy.
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Love EWTN  Friday, 15:13
Some student groups travel over 1,000 miles to Washington, D.C. for the March for Life. Catherine Szeltner reports from The Verizon Center's Youth Rally on why they make the journey.
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Love EWTN  Friday, 15:13
Jeanne Monahan-Mancini, the President of the March for Life, talks about the theme of the 2015 March.
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Love EWTN  Friday, 15:05
The March for Life has been taking place since 1974. What started out as a grassroots demonstration has grown into a massive national rally.
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Love EWTN  Friday, 15:02
Jason Calvi profiles the group from North Dakota who trekked over 1,000 miles to Washington, D.C.
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Love EWTN  Friday, 15:02
The Republicans in the House intentionally timed voting on pro-life legislation to coincide with The March for Life - Susanne LaFrankie reports.
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Love EWTN  Friday, 12:55
World Over - 2015-01-22 – March for Life Special, Full Episode with Raymond Arroyo A World Over March for Life special, featuring HEADLINE NEWS of the week, plus: REP CHRIS SMITH (R-NJ) and REP DAN LIPINSKI (D-IL), on the current state of the pro-… [More]
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Love EWTN  Friday, 12:04
House Republicans push to block funds from Obamacare for abortions – Susanne LaFrankie reports from The White House. Who are those pro-lifers carrying the March for Life banner this year? - Jason Calvi profiles the group from North Dakota. They’re … [More]
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Love EWTN  Friday, 11:25
Marcus, Jerry & Yolanda answer open-line questions from the audience. Jerry was baptized Greek Orthodox as a child. He mother was Orthodox and his father Catholic but he did not grow up attending church. Yolanda was reared Catholic but left the … [More]
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Love EWTN  Friday, 11:25
Patricia describes herself as a former Mainline Protestant. Her mother died when she was a baby and her dad, who didn’t attend church, would send her to any church that was handy as they traveled around the country. At a very early age, Patricia … [More]
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Love EWTN  Friday, 11:24
FR TAD PACHOLCZYK, director of education at the National Catholic Bioethics Center, on the 2015 March for Life as well as the latest news in bioethics and the defense of life in the US and the world.
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Love EWTN  Friday, 11:03
PEGGY HARTSHORN, president of Heartbeat International, on the important work of crisis pregnancy centers in the US and all over the world in protecting women's health and the health of the unborn and newborn.
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Love EWTN  Friday, 11:02
REP CHRIS SMITH (R-NJ) and REP DAN LIPINSKI (D-IL), on the current state of the pro-life agenda in Congress, as well as their reaction to this week's State of the Union address.
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Love EWTN  Friday, 11:02
News from the World Over this week. Pope Francis’ “rabbits” and responsible parenting comments. Cities for U.S. papal visit announced. Ten killed, churches burned in Charle Hebdo riots in Niger. Contraceptives-cancer link found.
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Love EWTN  Friday, 10:35
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Love EWTN  Friday, 10:35
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Love EWTN  Thursday, 16:20
Live and complete coverage of the largest pro-life event of the year: the 2015 March For Life in Washington, DC.
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Love EWTN  Thursday, 15:50
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