irenaeus         21/05/2014 22:30
Father Reto Preaches     18/05/2014 07:10
Father Reto Nay
24th of November 2013
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irenaeus         16/02/2014 22:33
Wow, that is scary. I hope nobody got hurt.
irenaeus         14/11/2013 21:40
irenaeus         01/09/2013 23:42
Thanks Fr. Paul
irenaeus         11/08/2013 15:27
Many thanks! I hope you find it useful.
irenaeus         11/08/2013 12:25
The website is now full translated into English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and soon to be Latin (in about a week.)
irenaeus         30/04/2013 21:14
Council of Chalcedon (AD 451)
Canon 15

A woman shall not receive the laying on of hands as a deaconess under forty years of age, and then only after searching examination. And if, after she has had hands laid on her and has continued for a time to minister, she shall despise the grace of God and give herself in marriage, she shall be anathematized and the man united to her.
The RCC had a permanent diaconate at the time of this ecumenical council... it eventually became only transitional(steppin… [More]
irenaeus         02/04/2013 20:20
irenaeus         24/03/2013 23:27
Hello Gloria.Tv Members,
I just launched Credo Bible Study Online a week ago as part of my ongoing initiative for the New Evangelization. Check it out and see if you like it. Feel free to give me feedback positive or negative. You can access it at the url below.
If you like it, please add a link back to it on whatever social media you have access to. Spread the Word!
PS - It looked good on the latest version of Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome and Firefox and on … [More]
irenaeus     24/03/2013 22:17
Hello, I just launched Credo Bible Study Online a week ago as part of my ongoing initiative for the New Evangelization. Check it out and see if you like it. Feel free to give me feedback positive or negative. You can access it at the url below.
www.… [More]
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irenaeus         24/03/2013 03:58
I created an online version of this bible study program at
irenaeus         23/03/2013 22:37
"But I say to the unmarried, and to the widows: It is good for them if they so continue, even as I." 1Co 7:8 [More]
irenaeus         12/01/2013 20:23
So very beautiful.
irenaeus         22/12/2012 23:08
Excellent interview. Thanks!
irenaeus         03/12/2012 20:34
I love listening to this every Advent. You both have the voices of an angel. God bless you both.
irenaeus         01/12/2012 21:36
Thanks PNeri! and HC as well for the nice words.
irenaeus         01/12/2012 09:52
Hi HC,
I am not really competing with Verbum because I can't. I am one person, where they are hundreds with a multi-million dollar budget. I was just trying to fill a gap for something free and accessible when i created it. And I wanted to create something that is traditional and Catholic. One thing you will like is that I have a traditional calendar up to the year 2050 with the readings etc. It also comes with nice RSS feeds for video content. It uses the Douay Rheims English Bible, … [More]
irenaeus         30/11/2012 21:53
I posted this a while back. And it is still free.
Catholic Software - Free
irenaeus         23/11/2012 17:14
Thats adorable :)
irenaeus         05/11/2012 22:51
Thank you Fr Nay. What a powerful lesson.
irenaeus         26/09/2012 00:32
Temperance said-
Were not women deacons in the early church???
They were not sacramentaly deacons. They assisted the priest or deacon. For instance, in baptizing adult women to avoid scandal. They were called deaconesses in the same way a wife of a priest(presbyter) was and still is called a presbytera. Neither were ordained.
irenaeus         13/08/2012 18:42
Thanks DaddyRabbit:) Enjoy!
irenaeus         02/08/2012 22:20
I thought your story was wonderful. Thanks for sharing :)
irenaeus         12/06/2012 19:31
In the video below, the head of the STURP team discounted all those disputing the C14 tests as the lunatic fringe. He tried to show that the samples received did not have any cotton in it from French reweaving as claimed by 'lunatics'. He examined a piece of the sample that remained at his laboratory and was shocked and angered to find out the scientists were given bad samples which were half medieval cotton. The cotton was dyed to look like linen where the nuns repaired a fraying edge which … [More]
irenaeus         07/06/2012 01:08
First off, the Anabaptist sect was started by Nicolas Storch in Germany in the 1500's. Secondly, Waldenses are not the same as Anabaptists, so why conflate the two. Furthermore, the Waldenses movement was founded by a man known simply as Waldo(Waldes) in the 1100's. Your claim that a Catholic bishop of Turin started the movement was fabricated by a man who was desperately trying to find some sort of continuity among protestant belief.... There was no continuity then, and there is no … [More]
irenaeus         07/06/2012 00:21
I purchased the hymnal that is pictured. It is very good. I use it as a sunday missal. Thank you Corpus Christi Watershed
irenaeus         26/05/2012 19:49
I agree with SBFU. This is not real news, and this old dredged up content serves only the Evil One by inflaming hatred in those who watch it. That most Jews regard Jesus like traditional Catholics regard Luther is not a surprise. In other words, as a reprobate and fraud. Yet Catholics are still the "elder brothers" of the Lutherans in faith, because even brothers can sometimes hate each other. This "news brief" is a thinly veiled critique on statements by Cardinal Koch. It would have been … [More]
irenaeus         14/04/2012 23:18
Am I reading this correctly? Schönborn asked them to change the title of the appeal? Thats it? Thats all? Truly, he is only concerned with perception and not substance. It is amusing to see these heretics get frustrated with his insincerity. The faithful and the heretics are concerned with the same thing... the content. Schönborn reminds me of the Abp of Cantebury. God forbid he should ever become pope.
irenaeus         11/04/2012 23:59
Schonborn has flouted the authority of the Holy Father before... it is nothing new. I just wish something would be done about it.
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