mfm123         26/07/2011 20:57
Good one! Thank you!
mfm123         26/07/2011 20:07
The Lourdes chat board had to be shut down for the reasons that Doina specified. People were using that chat board to condemn each other and gossip. Our Lady is not pleased with arguments
mfm123         25/07/2011 08:17
Thank you Doina, that needed to be said. I haven't posted in quite a long time due to the nature of the demeaning comments. "Love one another as I have lover you"
mfm123         24/07/2011 09:53
mfm123         20/07/2011 18:48
How can we call Protestants brothers and sisters if we have condescending attitude towards them? Don't want to be in that family! Wow, this really deserves to be taken down!
mfm123         20/07/2011 16:22
Pretty dumb joke
mfm123         07/07/2011 14:18
Saint Benedict, I will do so. Silence is the best antidote for troubles
mfm123         07/07/2011 12:37
Caveman thinking
mfm123         07/07/2011 12:04
he needs prayers
mfm123         20/06/2011 20:36
Padre Pio bore calumny in complete silence and "Corapi" here does just the opposite. He's passing up a great opportunity for sainthood, if these charges are false!
mfm123         13/06/2011 16:15
Thanks Cannoli. Conflict resolution (read: torture) I didn't ask for that. I asked one question.
mfm123         13/06/2011 15:33
Are they twins?
mfm123         10/06/2011 22:21
Larry, you know you WERE a Catholic! Now you are at most a plagiarist!
mfm123         10/06/2011 22:16
Man, you really give those keys a beating! Excellent!
mfm123         09/06/2011 09:35
I listened to the first 2 minutes and couldn't listen anymore! Disgusting!
mfm123         07/06/2011 19:25
I am in his docese and you wouldn't believe what the KC Star is doing to this holy man! This morning's paper on the top fold of the paper showed him carrying a monstrance from the Corpus Christi procession in 2005, and lambasted him.
mfm123         02/06/2011 17:20
Caption needs to be corrected. He is the Archbishop of KC-St. Joseph diocese.
mfm123         19/05/2011 09:44
Fr. Badway, aptly named, should be relieved of his faculties!
mfm123         30/04/2011 11:29
@47:00 "Jerusalem"!!!!
mfm123         30/04/2011 11:27
What happpened at 43 mins? Screen went black
mfm123         30/04/2011 11:03
mfm123         06/04/2011 21:37
God bless the bishop! What monsters and cowards those people who threw the pie! What are they, in 2nd grade???!!!!
mfm123     27/03/2011 13:53
Lenten hymn
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This is one person who doesn't have a Facebook account
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What film is this? Please advise
mfm123         24/02/2011 14:47
These people (homoromeos) are en route to hell
mfm123     27/01/2011 20:09
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