rhemes1582         viernes, 06:17
Thank you Father Nay
rhemes1582         viernes, 06:15
Father Reto Preaches     jueves, 06:40
Father Reto Nay
10th of June 2015
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rhemes1582         22/07/2015 20:52
Thank you Gloria.TV The More Catholic the Better, for being here for us.
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rhemes1582         22/07/2015 20:51
Gloria.TV News     22/07/2015 19:48
More Vatican Bureaucracy: There is no streamlining of the Vatican curia but the opposite. According to the Vaticanist Sandro Magister new organisms are continually added to the existing ones. The latest is the Secretariat for Communication set up … [Más]
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rhemes1582         22/07/2015 20:50
My family and I have been blessed to know many very holy, good, and brave priests.
We have seen them persecuted by their Bishop`s ,and their congregations.
Persecuted for introducing the Traditional Latin Mass.
Persecuted for speaking out against, and denying Freemason`s Holy Communion. Restoring the sacred to the Holy Mass etc. Recently a friend told me in these days, and the ones to come: "we will need to stay very close to the Blessed Virgin Mary". I agree with him! I pray, … [Más]
rhemes1582     19/07/2015 18:33
source : Blog Traditional Catholic Priest
Traditional Catholic Priests, Please God, Not Men
When we traditional Catholic priests preach at the New Mass, you can see and feel the uneasiness in some of the parishioner… [Más]
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rhemes1582         19/07/2015 14:56
Father Nay
What a wonderful example you set!

Preach it Father Nay
rhemes1582         19/07/2015 14:52
Father Reto Preaches     19/07/2015 12:17
Father Reto Nay
19th of July 2015
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rhemes1582         18/07/2015 22:46
erka     22/12/2012 13:51
Miracle of the rosary(el milagro del rosario)
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rhemes1582         18/07/2015 18:53
Not Catholic!
St Michael the Archangel defend us in Battle.
Holy Mary Mother of God, The Immaculate Conception ; destroyer of all heresy.......Pray for us.
rhemes1582         12/07/2015 18:49
Gloria.TV News     12/07/2015 18:29
Wrong Symbol: Pope Francis has offered the controversial hammer and sickle turned into a cross, which he received from Bolivia President Evo Morales to Our Lady of Copacabana in La Paz, the patron saint of Bolivia. The gift included a chain with a … [Más]
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rhemes1582     12/07/2015 09:47
source : A Blog for Dallas area Catholics
Weekend Reading: Does the heresy of gradualism inform the Synodal documents?
Reader JF sent me a link to a very good post by Bones of That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill at the Guild of Blessed Titus… [Más]
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rhemes1582         11/07/2015 13:46
Thanks for posting this.
rhemes1582         11/07/2015 11:40
Thank you Gloria.TV for the great job you do!
rhemes1582         05/07/2015 19:12
I thank God for your witness
The More Catholic the Better.
rhemes1582         05/07/2015 09:50
Thanks be to God for His faithful priesthood.
Thank you Father Nay for sharing with us your homily.
Nice to take part, with the family of Gloria.TV in the worship of God.
The More Catholic the Better
rhemes1582         02/07/2015 06:48
Your doing a Great Job!
Gloria.TV the More Catholic the Better.
rhemes1582         30/06/2015 21:31
Gloria.TV News     30/06/2015 18:27
Bad News? This year, six priests were ordained for the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin. This relatively rural diocese with only 300.000 Catholics has 35 seminarians in formation. Of the newly ordained priests two celebrated their first Mass in the … [Más]
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rhemes1582         27/06/2015 13:54
Father Reto Preaches     11/06/2015 11:37
Father Reto Nay
19th of May 2015
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rhemes1582         27/06/2015 13:54
Thank you Father Nay
rhemes1582         27/06/2015 13:02
Thank you Father Nay.
rhemes1582         26/06/2015 06:42
Thanks for the news
Gloria.TV The More Catholic the Better!
rhemes1582         25/06/2015 06:36
Thanks for the news
Gloria.TV The more Catholic the Better
rhemes1582         14/06/2015 09:51
Dr Bobus         14/06/2015 08:40
Chesterton says "the reformer is always right about what is wrong. He is generally wrong about what is right."
The Cardinal is right in saying that there is a problem now--loyal Catholics have been divorcing and remarrying in disturbing numbers. His solution, however, is dead wrong: Wave the magic wand of conscience--and the problem will go away.
The important question is why this problem of divorced/remarried Catholics is happening. Most--even liberals--say it's due to the pressures of … [Más]
rhemes1582     05/06/2015 11:31
source blog Rorate Caeli
Event: Low Mass workshops for priests in December
The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) will host once again a five-day training workshop on the Traditional Latin Mass (Low Mass) for priests in their Our Lady of … [Más]
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rhemes1582         04/06/2015 23:53
Francesco Federico     04/06/2015 18:47
Misa Latina Tradicional para el 25 ° aniversario de "Pro Missa Tridentina" 25 de abril 2015
www.pro-missa-tridentina.de [Más]
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rhemes1582         04/06/2015 14:35
Irapuato     24/04/2014 13:29
CNS on Apr 24, 2014
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rhemes1582         03/06/2015 22:44
May God be Praised in His Holy Priests.
rhemes1582     03/06/2015 22:37
source;blog Rorate Caeli
Institute of Christ the King Ordinations - July 3
2014 Ordinations
The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest will have 11 deacons ordained to the Sacred Priesthood on July 3 by the hands of H.E. Raymond Cardinal … [Más]
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