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saumiguel         Thursday, 02:11
In fond remembrance of the life of St. Therese.
St. Therese pray for us !
saumiguel         26/09/2015 01:22
The spiritual wisdom that I share here, on, is from my spiritual Diary. It is the fruit of my prayer life in God.
It is not a literary composition- no cleverly invented words.
Wisdom of God, keeps pouring in, at different times of the day- I just, conscientiously play the part of a " Good Scribe ".
As long as I am here, on, I'll keep on sharing my spiritual wisdom. ( I'll take your leave to join the Monastery )
If my spiritual wisdom is beneficial to you- in improving the … [More]
saumiguel         19/09/2015 02:05
Now, what do you say : Has God made " HIS Holiness " difficult for you ? [More]
saumiguel         04/09/2015 11:59
Is your life " Heavenly-wise-good " ???
saumiguel         30/08/2015 09:12
Just one little spiritual gesture- if we do reverently for God- Heaven is ours.! God reveres our little offerings, offered reverently from heart. Do not be discouraged when you see people make the ' sign of the cross ' hastily. By one person practicing it correctly, the whole world will follow. so be that one person- yourself !
Start practicing it , right away !

saumiguel         06/08/2015 13:12
One world- one man/woman-one humanity in God's Love.
saumiguel         19/07/2015 22:52
Life is not easy, if we were to live solely on our weak human potentials. That's why Lord Jesus gave us the prayer " Our Father ".
In " Our Father ", we pray, " Thy kingdom come ".
In these words, we are precisely asking God to give us " HIS Kingdom ".
God's Kingdom comprises- all the virtues (Love; Forgiveness; Purity; Humility; caring etc ) and the Blessed souls; and all Angels with Jesus and Mary.
When we pray " Thy kingdom come ", all of these come to our assistance. With their aid , Christ… [More]
saumiguel         19/07/2015 00:13
It's disappointing to see most people resorting to every kind of panacea available in the world- except " Holy Bible "- which can transform your whole life and heal you completely, if you sought it with Humility and Faith in God.
saumiguel         18/06/2015 22:49
This is Good !
Thanks ! Irapuato.
saumiguel         04/05/2015 02:38
You look at the world, you'll get drowned in the world of misery- you look at Christ, you'll be saved in life now and next.
The Gospel of Matthew very well reminds us of what happened to Peter when he deflected from Jesus. [ Matthew 14:22-30 ]
saumiguel         19/04/2015 01:09
I'll request every woman to read this. I am inspired by her life ! Her Chastity in God, gave her the strength to go through all the tribulations of life and mended her broken world.
Blessed be God !!! [More]
saumiguel         06/03/2015 22:25
Thanks Irapuato for uploading this good movie.
saumiguel         05/01/2015 21:25
Beautiful !
saumiguel         05/08/2014 21:50
This is Good ! But when regards to human beings, this Charity is to be practiced more.
    Priska likes this.         20/07/2015 17:07
saumiguel         25/06/2014 21:03
Very Good Fr. Brian ! You have neatly reviewed " True Love " from Christian perspective.
saumiguel         05/02/2014 20:18
Today, we celebrate the Feast of St. Gonsalo Garçia( India's first canonized saint). And I feel Blessed to be born in his home town, Vasai.
I take this opportunity on behalf of all the people in vasai, wishing you a " Happy Feast ".
saumiguel         27/12/2013 20:35
Jesus is the way, that we must walk; HE is the Truth that we must live and in return HE fills us with abundance of Joyful life.
saumiguel         26/08/2013 21:52
Now Here is a True Disciple of Christ. He'll be perfectly at home with the Apostles of Christ. I am Proud of Pope Francis. And even if I call him simply " Francis ", I am sure he'll love that. That's simplicity and Humility of Christ. I am Truly Glad for Francis.
saumiguel         01/07/2013 22:33
Sr. Anna Nobili should carefully consider the life of Mary Magdalene. She was completely a different Person, a new creation in Our Lord Jesus. She cast away all her old ways and adopted new ways in Christ Jesus.
Sr. Anna Nobili is still using her old ways- even if it is with different perspective.
saumiguel         01/07/2013 22:16
Look at the signs of times. We live in a world where Faith is gradually decreasing.
Such things will certainly have an adverse effect on person of weak Faith. Most people's eyes and ears are itching for mere entertainment, as it was in the days of Prophet Ezekiel. Here , everything is becoming a show and reverence has become a secondary concern.
we must not forget the words of Our Lord : " But when the son of man comes,will he find any Faith on earth ?"
Word-of-God is a legacy given to us by … [More]
saumiguel         27/06/2013 21:41
Truly a Miracle of Grace !
We all know from the Life of St. Augustine, that to give up Fleshly desires is not an easy thing.
Deo Gratias !!!
saumiguel         07/05/2013 21:52
Superb !!!
saumiguel         26/04/2013 21:51
Thanks for your sincere comments !
Thanks to Gloria.TV for publishing the logo.
The logo is designed with simplicity of Christ. There are no more than three colours- I have thought of "Trinity"
Christ enters into Glory through passion- that's the reason why I edged RED with Yellow. " RED" being the symbolic of passion. " YELLOW " being the symbolic colour of Glory.
    30/03/2013 22:04
We don't have to wait for something Good to happen to us, to make us feel Joyful. The Joy of the risen Lord is always near us. He is our Joy and Happiness. It is for us He died. It is for us, He came to bring salvation in this world. He offers us His Joy, unconditionally despite our unworthiness. " Joyful Easter" to all !!!
    09/03/2013 13:07
" True Beauty is in the Beauty of Heart. Only a Beautiful Heart can mould Beautiful expressions and transform the whole personality. "
    08/03/2013 20:15
saumiguel         10/02/2013 20:47
Truly touching story!
Thanks-be-to-God for Andrea Bocelli's mother. Hers was the right decision. She respected the giver of Life.
I am Glad that Andrea Bocelli respects his mothers decision.
saumiguel         08/02/2013 21:02
Simply wonderful !
saumiguel         03/02/2013 21:06
Disregarding your own modesty while fighting for the right Cause doesn't make sense .
saumiguel         12/01/2013 18:40
This is not just a creation for me. It's a Faith. I pray and I work.
This is my first Papier Mache creation for Christmas'2012. It was in my imagination. But to get it done in reality was a difficult thing for me. So I prayed and continued with my work and it was completed by December 23- it took me almost a month to figure out different thing. Especially, hanging the wings on the Dove's body was a difficult thing.
I tried to carve a space in the Dove's body and just slip the wings in. But it …
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