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Noticias católicas Importantes.

@Gloria.TV News This moderator @Marcus Antares post video with manipulation and when we repost the response he delete our videos. This is the video … [More]

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Cardinals and Bishops refuse to shake Benedict's hand /FLASHBACK 2011, Berlin, Germany

By Gloria.TV – News Briefs 12/01/2014 06:03 Immediately the usual suspects including Lombardi and the rest of the toadies tried to walk this insult to Benedict back. But, the video does not lie and was an indication of what was to be. VIDEO It shou…


Pope reflects in Bethlehem

Photo ~ Pope Francis celebrates Mass in Manger Square, Bethlehem on May 25, 2014. Credit: Lauren Cater / CNA. Bethlehem, West Bank, May 25, 2014 / 04:04 am (CNA).- In his homily delivered in Bethlehem this morning, Pope Francis meditated on the …


Catholic family branded 'bigoted' for not wanting a homosexual couple to adopt their kid

Photo ~ Judge: Yesterday, the country's most senior family judge, Sir James Munby, upheld the adoption plan, but criticised the social workers for the way they condemned the parents because of their views A Catholic family were labelled bigots by …

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“It’s a long time since the world has had such a strong spiritual leader”

Omar Abboud, the Argentinean Muslim who will accompany Francis in the Holy Land, describes the Pope’s decision to have a Jew and Muslim accompany him as “one of the strongest gestures” the world has seen “It’s a long time since the world has had …


Pope Calls for Solutions to Conflicts in Mideast Visit

Photo ~ Pope Francis waved to the crowd on Saturday following a mass in Amman. Credit Patrick Baz/Agence France-Presse — Getty Image ON THE EAST BANK OF THE JORDAN RIVER — After visiting a site on Saturday where Jesus is believed to have been baptiz…

Gloria.TV – News Briefs


Gloria.TV – News Briefs


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One priest alleges another attacked him with a crucifix (Video)

FLORHAM PARK New Jersey — A Catholic priest at the Florham Park-based Vocationist Fathers Retreat and Conference Center has been accused of threatening to kill a fellow priest and attacking him with a metal crucifix. Father Frank Hreno is accused …


PA art exhibit for pope paints Jesus as Palestinian

Photo ~ Image showing Raphael's "The Deposition" combined with a photograph of an immobile Palestinian. Under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority, an art exhibit mashing-up Biblical images by European masters with contemporary photos of …


Vatican Says Pope Will Demand 'Sovereign Palestine'

Photo ~ Vatican Sec'y of State Pietro Parolin Cardinal Pietro Parolin holds a role in the Vatican City State, located in the Italian capital of Rome, equivalent to that of a prime minister. The Vatican's Secretary of State made a dramatic revelation…

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Punish Bishops Says Vatican's Abuse Prosecutor (Video)

Photo ~ Father Robert W. Oliver The Vatican's chief prosecutor of sex abuse crimes said the church needs to do more to develop the process for punishing bishops who fail in their duty to protect children. Video U.S. Father Robert W. Oliver, promoter…

Gloria.TV – News Briefs


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What would Jesus drink? (Video)

Jesus' first miracle was turning water into wine, but Father Bill Miller --a writer, bar owner and Episcopal priest -- argues it could have gone another way. "If Jesus had lived in Texas, for example, where I'm from, or Hawaii where I live now, …


Will the pope’s visit to Israel improve Jewish-Christian relations?

Photo ~ Try not to look up to him FOR Jerusalem’s Jewish municipality, the photograph of a merry pope in a white skullcap waving at passing crowds from the walls of the Christian Information Centre was a step too far. Officials asked the Franciscan …


Pope Francis Excommunicates President of 'We Are Church'

Photo ~ Martha Heizer wurde exkommuniziert Rome ( Pope Francis has excommunicated the President of the anti-Roman platform "We are Church," Martha Heizer (67), and her husband, Gert. This was reported by the "Tiroler Tageszeitung" on …


Pope Francis Against Gay Adoption

‘Every Person Needs a Male Father and a Female Mother’ ( – ...the Pope has rejected the idea of same-sex marriage as an “anthropological regression” and stressed that when it comes to adoption, “every person needs a male father and a …


Teenage Girl Held Against Will in Buffalo Abortion Clinic

Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-lifer, revealed on Facebook how a young woman she was counseling was being pressured by her boyfriend to abort their baby. The young mother, however, had a change of heart and asked the …

Gloria.TV – News Briefs

Why the Homosexuals are Winning

The reason they are winning is that America has forgotten that law is based on morals, not “fairness”. And, the moral base that was previously agreed upon was the Bible. It did not require that we kill homosexuals (any longer, since that was the Mosaic Law), but it clearly set out that adultery, homosexuality, dishonesty, thievery, murder, even gossip were wrong and not to be encouraged. The society has abandoned this view and taken up a non-existent, mish-mash of competing claims as the new … [More]

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Why the Homosexuals are Winning

Here’s the real reason why the gay homosexual (ED) activists are winning: because Americans have forgotten or been brainwashed to forget that there is such a thing as objective truth. Truth has been relativized completely. What is right and wrong …


More than the angels?

…and when God finished creating man, He didn’t say that “it was good”, He said that it is “very good!”, He draws us close to Him. And in God’s eyes we are the greatest, the most beautiful, the best things about Creation…”But father the Angels? No …


Israel Issues Restraining Orders to Protect Pope Francis During His Visit

Photo ~ The Upper Room or Cenacle, the room where Jesus held the Last Supper on Holy Thursday and where He instituted the sacrament of Holy Orders (and the Eucharist - ED). Israel has clamped down on potential troublemakers in the days leading up …

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Will Pope Francis Meet with P.A. Muslim Sheikh Who Called for Exterminating Jews?

During his upcoming visit to the Holy Land, as a matter of protocol as the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis is scheduled to meet with Israel's two chief rabbis and the most senior religious figure in the PA, the Mufti Sheikh Muhammad …


Sr. Jeannine Gramick asked Pres. Obama to expand abortion throughout the world

Photo ~ New Ways Ministry‘s Co-Founder, Sister Jeannine Gramick, has been busy across the nation working for marriage equality and LGBT equality. Sr. Jeannine Gramick has signed a letter to Pres. Obama asking that abortion be expanded throughout …


Carrying physical and emotional baggage, U.S. military visit Lourdes

LOURDES, France (CNS) -- About 60 retired or active duty U.S. military personnel packed their uniforms, flags, wheelchairs, canes and the inevitable emotional baggage of their daily struggles to take part in a pilgrimage to Lourdes. While many of …