tbswv         Friday, 09:50
Sensus Fidelium     25/08/2015 23:06
In this lecture, Father gives a great break down of the beauty of the Traditional Mass & the spirituality that comes with it that we have lost with the new version of it & what differences are involved. For more please visit sentrad.org & remember … [More]
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tbswv         09/08/2015 08:36
I have lost so much respect for Megan Kelly after her "gotcha" attacks on Trump. Her questions about Trump's supposed disparaging comments against women exposed her for the fraud she is. There is not one politician who doesn't have dirty laundry. Stop wasting the American public's time with your vindictive attack and focus on what Faux News is paying you big bucks for - journalism.
tbswv         08/08/2015 15:25
Mr Matt, Pope John XXIII, Paul VI-Montini, and yes Benedict-Ratzinger were all major players in Vatican II. They all promoted it. I am so sick and tired of hearing all these retractions from these modernists. From JP XXIII " stop the council"; Paul VI " the smoke of Satan has entered the sanctuary; and Benedict's statement on the council has gone too far. It was hyjacked and the only brave bishop to publically reject it was Archbishop LeFevre.
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tbswv         04/08/2015 18:25
tbswv         04/08/2015 17:16
Detaching one's self from murder does not excuse a willfull action of an abortion provider. It is not just a medical procedure. The intent is to extract the fetus and cause that HUMAN such stress that it expires. Yes On Guard I agree with your statement that there is no difference between abortion and the Holocaust. What makes me ill is the rabid reaction of people to the big game lion story compared to virtual silence in regards to daily abortions. We have lost our way. Only Our Lord can … [More]
tbswv         02/08/2015 22:45
It is more charitable and courageous for popes to encourage Jews to conversion rather than acknowledging them as just another religion that worships the "same" God. This is the heart of ecumenism and it does not surprise me that JPII who called all the world's religions to "worship" at Roman Catholic sites during his infamous Assisi prayer meetings.
tbswv         14/07/2015 18:48
Tesa     30/03/2013 22:27
Monasterio de Sta Maria di Valbona (Solesmes)
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tbswv         05/07/2015 22:36
As we all know the Supreme Court is not responsible for legislating anything. Any young person in Civics class can tell you they are to the test the constitutionality of the law. Another case of of one branch of government overstepping its authority. Analougous to Obama making laws by executive decree. As in so many controversial cases the swing vote was justice Kennedy. Thank you Ronald Reagen for appointing him.
tbswv         23/06/2015 20:28
Remnant newspaper     23/06/2015 03:42
Michael J. Matt, Dr. John Rao, James Bogle, Father Gregory Pendergraft discuss the 2015 Notre-Dame de Chretiente Pilgrimage from Paris to Chartres, France.
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tbswv         09/06/2015 01:04
Somebody needs a hug!
    Dr Stuart Reiss likes this.         09/06/2015 04:13
tbswv         09/06/2015 00:59
Let that infidel punk try that at my church. We are the Church Militant. Let us defend our places of worship with as much zeal and conviction as a Muslim, otherwise they will force their culture down our throats.
tbswv         30/05/2015 19:31
adeste fideles     28/05/2015 14:02
Rorate Caeli
Antonio Socci
............ " Dear Pope Bergoglio, let’s start kneeling before the Tabernacle, in front of Our Saviour, and then kneeling before those who are the image of Christ Crucified will also be believable. "
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tbswv         23/05/2015 12:48
SSPX - USA District     21/05/2015 12:26
sspx.org - The recent Popes have participated and even organized many Ecumenical events. Yet, ecumenism raises both doctrinal and pastoral problems. This is what we intend to explain in this video.
Ecumenism denotes the search for worldwide religiou… [More]
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tbswv         23/05/2015 12:19
Sensus Fidelium     22/05/2015 21:11
Sermon on Pentecost on having the zeal that the apostles had after pentecost. Father compares them prior to pentecost to how they behaved afterwards. He ends the sermon with Pope St Pius X's act of consecration to the Holy Ghost. For more please go … [More]
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tbswv         20/05/2015 21:23
It is a fact that the consecration was not performed as testified to by the late Fr. Grunner (God rest his soul). If anyone would know it would be him since the man devoted his entire life to the message of Fatima, the 3rd secret (also not fully divulged), and our Lady's request. Think what you may but the bottom line is that all popes since John XXIII have either ignored or made a feeble attempt to fulfill our Lady's wish and really for that matter our Lord Himself.
tbswv     13/05/2015 08:28
Lord, we know that you will come again in glory as you ascended to the Father.
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tbswv         28/04/2015 22:59
The only charitable words that I can formulate to describe Hilary Clinton is narcissist. She is so delusional about her corruption and for that matter her lothario husband Bill. She actually had the audacity to criticize the rich while at the same time charging $200,000 per speaking engagement. She is very dangerous to our Republic.
tbswv         27/04/2015 21:31
Ah yes, the "peaceful" religion of Muslims. Why is not Pope Francis publically condemning this desecration? Europe and the USA must stand strong against these infidels. Catholic men we must defend our places of sacred worship from these Mohamedans.
tbswv         27/04/2015 21:23
Ana Luisa M.R     25/04/2015 08:38
Manuel Valls emphasizes Catholic culture of France and warns of division
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tbswv         22/04/2015 10:36
Has Pope Francis publlically made any comment in regards to this atrocity?
tbswv         22/04/2015 10:26
tbswv     21/04/2015 13:27
Rome (CNN)Muslims who were among migrants trying to get from Libya to Italy in a boat this week threw 12 fellow passengers overboard -- killing them -- because the 12 were Christians, Italian police said Thursday.
Italian authorities have arrested … [More]
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tbswv         16/04/2015 09:03
SSPX - USA District     14/04/2015 12:16
sspx.org - In this video, we present a response effort organized by the priestly Society of St. Pius X here in the United States. After a Black Mass was publicly marketed in Oklahoma City to desecrate our Savior in the Blessed Sacrament, an outcry … [More]
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tbswv         16/04/2015 08:46
SSPX - USA District     14/04/2015 11:17
sspx.org - In this video, we listen as Father Albert, O.P., explains what a Dominican is by definition, and in contrast to other orders. Father speaks of his providential path to his current Foundation and concludes with key insights on the 3rd … [More]
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tbswv         04/04/2015 09:23
nasciturus7     13/01/2013 08:07
Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar "El Cid Campeador" and the king Alfonso VI.
Scene from the movie El Cid (Anthony Mann, 1961) with Charlton Heston, John Fraser, Sophia Loren, Geneviève Page...
Jura de Santa Gadea, Burgos, Spain, 1072.
Great music by Miklós … [More]
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tbswv     03/04/2015 19:06
Transport yourself to the foot of the cross.
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tbswv         28/03/2015 17:04
Our Blessed Lord will not be deprived of proper honor and worship. Let's pray that this happens as well in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, England, and Ireland.
tbswv         28/03/2015 17:04
rhemes1582     27/03/2015 06:28
source: Rorate Caeli
The Traditional Mass re-enters the regular life of the Church
Sunday, March 8, 2015
It seemed a regular unsurprising event for the Cardinal-Archbishop of Paris (and not the first time for him, either). In the historic parish … [More]
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tbswv         19/03/2015 00:05
Policy comes from the top (Francis) and Dolan is only falling in line with New Rome. You heard it from his mouth: all are welcome, come on in. It's just a matter of time before the drag queens are welcomed into the sanctuary. St Patrick we pray for the conversion of the Conciliar Church to the true Catholic faith.
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tbswv         17/03/2015 20:40
What happened at Vatican II? The liturgy was revised which no pope, theologian, or council has the authority to change. The Sacred tradition of the Church can never be ignored or disregarded. Latin is used in the liturgy because the language is strict in interpretation and since catholic means universal - mass offered anywhere in the world said in Latin. I urge all Catholics struggling with your faith who attend the banal, man-centered Novus Ordo to seek out a priest who offers the Holy … [More]
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