Temperance         28/12/2014 16:09
Lol, This world is so confused!
Temperance         28/12/2014 16:07
This is fun to image but unrealistic.
Scientists nowadays are doing this with every famous person. Years ago it was Jesus, than it was St. Paul the apostle and now St. Nick. I believe they also did a black Virgin Mary. The people are never handsome or pretty, and they always look a little stupid with bags under the eyes. The Jesus they did looked more like a retarded caveman.
I wish they would stop this. This image as no validity. They could have just found a Greek man and took a picture of … [More]
Temperance         26/12/2014 17:00
God bless you Father and what you preach!
Temperance         22/12/2014 16:54
Glad to see she is singing some Christian songs. I was scandalized by her song "like a virgin"!
Temperance         03/12/2014 22:19
So true! The World Trade Buildings were brought down by the government! Just look at this video!!!!!
You can see the explosives going off inside each floor! But can you tell this to any New Yorker?! NO! I live in New York city and when I say this people want to punch my face. Its insane! The US government needs to be taken down! Its evil! It kills millions! Obama is a antichrist. One more thing! Look into Obamas wifes background. She is a he! Get … [More]
Temperance         02/12/2014 14:27
Ummmm? Not to be overly critical or even judgmental of the Pontiff, but couldn't he had prayed before the tabernacle in a Catholic Church for peace? I think its a bad move for the Pope to be seen in a Mosque praying. Makes none believes think that all faiths are equal. Not like its going to make the Muslims believe anything different. It might actually strengthen their Muslim faith more. In my opinion this was a travesty. I have never heard of any pre Vatican 2 Pope praying in a Mosque!
Temperance         30/11/2014 14:27
To stanislawp
I agree just give me the Mass.
You won't catch me kissing or even touching a Homo during Mass. If their a practicing Homo they got diseases! Everyone knows where the homos like to go!
Temperance         29/11/2014 14:49
Obama and all the people persecuting the little sisters are going to hell unless they repent!
Temperance         23/11/2014 02:13
Thank you Lindsay for your letter. Maybe I got fiery in the debate. We shouldn't try to tear each other down, I humbly apologize if I came on to strong. I also see your view and understand your stance. Like I said we serve the same Master. I will pray for you tonight. Glad ausssies have a sense of humor. I still stand by my views but I will leave Christ to lead you where He wants. God night! God bless. I like a good debate too! We are alike in that aspect!
    Irapuato likes this.         03/12/2014 06:04
    Lindsaywtf likes this.         23/11/2014 02:13
Temperance         23/11/2014 02:07
God bless you unworthy. I like you stance on prayer. when it comes down to it all we are are beggars in prayer. we must bring everything to Christ.
Temperance         23/11/2014 02:06
A olive branch to Lindsay.
I am sure you are doing good work. I will pray for your efforts to bring good fruit. we serve the same Master. Lets not forget that at least.
    Lindsaywtf likes this.         23/11/2014 02:10
Temperance         23/11/2014 02:03
Good observation unworthy!!!!!!
Temperance         23/11/2014 02:02
Here in the USA we have a sense of humor!
Temperance         23/11/2014 02:00
LOL! it was a pun! A joke! when you start speaking nonsense I started telling jokes. LOL!
Temperance         23/11/2014 01:58
Lindsay"wtf" This debate is going no where.
Its truly not worth my time. Think what you will. I leave the battle up to God. I don't have anymore time on this forum to argue. But maybe next time if our paths cross. I'll pray for your true conversion. I am sure you'll say "I won!" "he lost" write and think what you will you have been doing it already. I simply don't have the time to argue all night.
God have mercy!
Temperance         23/11/2014 01:51
Lindsay"WTF" are you smocking!!!!
Temperance         23/11/2014 01:48
Frances blessing pagan coca leaves?! This is sick!!! I don't think Saint Peter would have ever done such a thing! Back then a man and a woman died for not tithing correctly and lying! Can you imagine someone going up to Saint Peter "can you bless these leaves that I am going to offer to SATAN!" This is sick. The Pope did a huge injustice to those people that day. He did stand up for truth, but rather stood up for the persons feelings; which was a grave injustice to … [More]
Temperance         23/11/2014 01:37
Amen unworthy.
Temperance         23/11/2014 01:35
Thank you Rhemes1582 it is a breath of fresh air to see someone who understands the state of the Catholic Church.
Lindsaywtf there is no use in talking to you, I will leave it up to God now to open your eyes to the truth. I will pray for your soul.
These same neo-catholics that like to go to the Popes rock concert usually enjoy going to the fake apparition place of Our Lady of medjugorje. This is a place of disobedience and is a cancer to the church, but a holy site to the neo-catholics. Just … [More]
Temperance     22/11/2014 22:35
This is a short video of the English Martyr Saint Thomas More. Died at the hands of the Protestants for standing up for the Holy Catholic Church.
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Temperance         22/11/2014 22:34
Temperance         22/11/2014 15:13
Go ahead and criticize gloriatv you are the only that will look ignorant. They are professionals and they know much more than you do about the Pontiff.
About my statements on WYD I stand by them. For the most part its just a huge Catholic rock concert. Yes there is good there, but there is evil as well. I guess you didn't hear about the sex going on there even with homosexuals; but no one ever hears about this in the media. Its all rainbows and unicorns with streets of gold raining … [More]
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