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Reesorville         Wednesday, 05:25
McCain believes that the people the US are training is not Al-Qaeda. The Syrian archbishop thinks all the rebels are Al-Qaeda. Neither are bad people, they just understand the facts differently.
I suspect the archbishop is incorrect and not all the rebels are terrorists- the CIA probably knows better than him about the ideology of the rebels they are training; he has authority over spiritual matters, not over political facts.
And McCain is also incorrect because even 'moderate rebels' are a … [More]
Reesorville         Monday, 18:08
Kim Davis divorced and remarried 3 times. Of course the Vatican can't support her.
She is exactly the person being referred to when the Lord said, 'first remove the beam from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your neighbour's eye'. She does not accept gay marriage and she is right, but her own marriage is not marriage either.
Why do you treat her as a hero?
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Reesorville         16/09/2015 01:16
If Kim Davis is a hero, then Cardinal Kasper is right.
If you think she is a person who is in God's grace, then you must also believe that it is possible to divorce, re-marry and yet not be in mortal sin.
I personally am not sure Kasper is right, nor do I assume she is a hero.
Reesorville         16/09/2015 01:12
If Kim Davis is a hero, then Cardinal Kasper is right.
If you think she is a person who is in God's grace, then you must also believe that it is possible to divorce, re-marry and yet not be in mortal sin.
I personally am not sure Kasper is right, nor do I assume she is a hero.
Reesorville         15/09/2015 02:33
I am pretty sure by fundamentalists he was referring to ISIS, Al-Qaeda, etc.
The quote from Francis is: 'Their mission is to destroy in the name of an idea, not a reality.... They kill, attack, destroy, malign in the name of an ideological god'
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Reesorville         10/09/2015 18:39
If I understand it correctly, the Pope's 'streamlining' is just moving the decision-making power out of the hands of a tribunal and into the hands of the bishop. He hasn't done anything about actually changing the rules regarding who can get an annulment. The reason why they made this decision was because there were people waiting 1, 2, 5 years or more in waiting for their case to be heard. The idea is that if the bishop has the power to grant the annulment, then they can get it faster.
An annu… [More]
Reesorville         08/09/2015 01:16
The oil-rich Gulf states flood Syria with weapons and finances to support the war, but when Syrians are running for their lives because of the war, these countries all close their borders, guard them with armed soldiers and refuse to take in any of the victims of the wars they are funding. There are many Muslims who are good and just people, who will help such people in their hour of need; but you unfortunately see in this how much love there really is among a great many Muslims, how much of a … [More]
Reesorville         06/09/2015 08:41
honestly, I think that what Putin has done here is the most sensible option. If the great powers really want to end the war in Syria, the world ought to give support to Assad to crush the rebellion and then the country will have peace. If they were smart, then they would attach strings to any such help by requiring Assad to consent to letting foreigners observe his soldiers and prevent them from engaging in any kind of human rights violations, and I am sure he would be desperate enough to agree. … [More]
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Reesorville         04/09/2015 11:01
'Church leaders say next to nothing'
I could be wrong, but I don't think this is true, at least not for all of them.
Reesorville         28/08/2015 06:30
it is a shame that more people don't go to Kibeho for pilgrimage. Unlike Medjugorje, it was recognized by the church, and the original visionaries are still there.
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Reesorville         17/08/2015 14:03
It seems really simple to me how to solve this: just teach that all sexual activity that cannot produce children is sinful in God's eyes, without ever mentioning homosexual acts specifically.
He can sign the paper and agree to never say 'homosexuality' is sinful, and then just teach the inmates that all sexual activity that isn't open to new life is sinful.
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Reesorville         06/08/2015 22:34
Russia has the highest per capita abortion rate of any country in the world. It is nearly double what it is in America or western Europe. It has a higher suicide rate than Japan. It has high rates of street crime, racism, drug use, alcohol abuse, corruption, pre-marital sex, organized crime, wife beating, atheism, prostitution...
The West has these things too, and I am not pro-western... but I think it is very naive for someone to think that Russia is a Christian society.
They are intervening … [More]
Reesorville         04/08/2015 10:23
even in pagan cultures that worship mythical gods inspired by the devil, the Holy Spirit is still there planting seeds.
In 1.33 of this video, that picture is a picture of the judgment upon the soul in the Egyptian afterlife. The heart of the soul, inside of the jar, is measured against a feather and if it weighs more than a feather, then it is fed to the crocodile-headed monster next to it, and if it is lighter than the feather, the soul enters paradise. Catholics understand it in a similar … [More]
Reesorville         11/07/2015 04:35
Innocent VII received a gift of 100 slaves from King Ferdinand of Aragon in the 15th century which he distributed to the cardinals.
Reesorville         09/07/2015 01:26
But - We say with profound sorrow - there were to be found afterwards among the Faithful men who, shamefully blinded by the desire of sordid gain, in lonely and distant countries, did not hesitate to reduce to slavery Indians, negroes and other wretched peoples, or else, by instituting or developing the trade in those who had been made slaves by others, to favour their unworthy practice. Certainly many Roman Pontiffs of glorious memory, Our Predecessors, did not fail, according to the duties … [More]
Reesorville         09/07/2015 01:24
Nevertheless, though much has thus been done for the Indians, there is much more that still remains to be done. And, indeed, when we consider the crimes and outrages still committed against them, our heart is filled with horror, and we are moved to great compassion for its most unhappy race. For what can be so cruel and so barbarous as to scourge men and brand them with hot iron, often for most trivial causes, often for a mere lust of cruelty; or, having suddenly overthrown them, to slay … [More]
Reesorville         09/07/2015 01:18
The enemy of the human race, who opposes all good deeds in order to bring men to destruction, beholding and envying this, invented a means never before heard of, by which he might hinder the preaching of God's word of Salvation to the people: he inspired his satellites who, to please him, have not hesitated to publish abroad that the Indians of the West and the South, and other people of whom We have recent knowledge should be treated as dumb brutes created for our service, pretending that … [More]
Reesorville         30/06/2015 01:18
Libor Halik, I remember in 2008 on this website you predicted that after Obama was elected there was going to be a civil war in America. There has been lots of arguing and anger, but Obama is near the end of his term and there is still no civil war in America; however there has been a war in the Ukraine, partly created by Orthodox who follow ideas similar to the ones presented in this video.
Jesus prays for Peter so that his faith does not fail him. The bishops of Rome throughout all of history… [More]
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Reesorville         27/06/2015 03:29
I don't understand these people. On the one hand, there are women with tears in their eyes who go through an abortion because they feel like they cannot handle a baby... and on the other hand there are these women who are actively trying to get more abortions throughout the world? Neither is right, but the former I can understand, the latter I can't.
I hope the police shoot down the drones.
Reesorville         11/06/2015 00:11
If I hadn't seen this, I don't think I would have ever realized what Cardinal Kasper's actual position was. Watching catholic media- I thought he was trying to say that the church should allow all divorced and remarried to receive communion after a penitential period, and that second marriages are possible.
It turns out he is neither denying that the first marriage was valid, nor that a second marriage is invalid. He upholds this completely.
What he is suggesting is rather that in certain speci… [More]
Reesorville         19/03/2015 00:23
It is a shame they couldn't give Mr. Voris the same welcome as they gave the homosexual group.
Reesorville         27/02/2015 07:28
The Holy Father made a very good choice in putting him here. As he says, he doesn't even interfere with the governance of the order, but he just has a spiritual role.
I think he must have the least time consuming work duties among all the non-retired cardinals of the church and thus this gives him a great deal of free time in which he can use his talents to write books, make interviews, speeches, etc. and be a pastor to the larger church in times of confusion. No other non-retired cardinal in … [More]
Reesorville         05/02/2015 00:02
there's no mention of his excommunication here?
Reesorville         03/02/2015 01:11
the whole video is here: FFI: How they were
In the life of St Odo of Cluny, before he was abbot of Cluny, he was a monk at St Martin's in Tours. There is a story he told when he was abbot of Cluny about two of the monks from his days in Tours.
He said that many of the monks in Tours didn't like to wear their habits in public (this is the 10th century, not the 21st) and so they would dress in ordinary clothes when they went outside of the monastery. One day two of the monks were sent on some … [More]
Reesorville         31/01/2015 05:46
Isn't it amazing that Benedict's resignation occurred in the midst of the 'year of faith'? What do you think God was trying to tell the church?
Reesorville         28/01/2015 02:52
Lucia, that is not how you pronounce the word 'dove' in English. I have many Ukrainian and Polish friends who make the same mistake. Thank you for the news!
Reesorville         21/01/2015 01:06
These people in Niger are obviously brainwashed. They are burning churches because of the Charlie Hebdo magazine... what does a church have anything to do with an atheistic magazine that attacks Islam? Why would you burn churches because an anti-religious French magazine attacked Muhammad? The Christians in the West are doing nothing to cause this; it is their own stupidity that is causing this.
If a western magazine or media source were to publicly attack God and mock the idea of Him, Muslims … [More]
Reesorville         08/01/2015 01:43
...really funny.... thank you for sharing!
Reesorville         02/01/2015 03:57
Thank you Don Reto and Lucia!
Reesorville         01/01/2015 02:38
Russia is a country with widespread abortion, prostitution, drug use, street violence, corruption.... how can anyone think that fighting for its national aspirations is fighting for Jesus?
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