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Reesorville     Friday, 07:28
The Holy Father made a very good choice in putting him here. As he says, he doesn't even interfere with the governance of the order, but he just has a spiritual role.
I think he must have the least time consuming work duties among all the non-retired cardinals of the church and thus this gives him a great deal of free time in which he can use his talents to write books, make interviews, speeches, etc. and be a pastor to the larger church in times of confusion. No other non-retired cardinal in … [More]
Reesorville     05/02/2015 00:02
there's no mention of his excommunication here?
Reesorville     03/02/2015 01:11
the whole video is here: FFI: How they were
In the life of St Odo of Cluny, before he was abbot of Cluny, he was a monk at St Martin's in Tours. There is a story he told when he was abbot of Cluny about two of the monks from his days in Tours.
He said that many of the monks in Tours didn't like to wear their habits in public (this is the 10th century, not the 21st) and so they would dress in ordinary clothes when they went outside of the monastery. One day two of the monks were sent on some … [More]
Reesorville     31/01/2015 05:46
Isn't it amazing that Benedict's resignation occurred in the midst of the 'year of faith'? What do you think God was trying to tell the church?
Reesorville     28/01/2015 02:52
Lucia, that is not how you pronounce the word 'dove' in English. I have many Ukrainian and Polish friends who make the same mistake. Thank you for the news!
Reesorville     21/01/2015 01:06
These people in Niger are obviously brainwashed. They are burning churches because of the Charlie Hebdo magazine... what does a church have anything to do with an atheistic magazine that attacks Islam? Why would you burn churches because an anti-religious French magazine attacked Muhammad? The Christians in the West are doing nothing to cause this; it is their own stupidity that is causing this.
If a western magazine or media source were to publicly attack God and mock the idea of Him, Muslims … [More]
Reesorville     08/01/2015 01:43
...really funny.... thank you for sharing!
Reesorville     02/01/2015 03:57
Thank you Don Reto and Lucia!
Reesorville     01/01/2015 02:38
Russia is a country with widespread abortion, prostitution, drug use, street violence, corruption.... how can anyone think that fighting for its national aspirations is fighting for Jesus?
Reesorville     19/08/2014 05:16
I have lived in Beijing for years and I think this is the most ruthlessly capitalistic place I have ever been to in my life. The gap between the rich and the poor is far more pronounced than it is in the West.
Just a few hours ago I walked past an extremely wealthy school owned by a corporation in Abu Dhabi that gives very expensive and high quality education for the richer Chinese who control the government. Along the same street, a little further down, there is a line of poor people in dusty … [More]
Reesorville     19/06/2014 09:36
The Orange Lodge and the Free Masons are two different organizations. Where does the title come from?
The first bishop of Upper Canada in the 19th century. Alexander MacDonell, was a Scottish catholic who was a loyalist to the British crown and allied himself with the Orange lodge against Irish republicanism when he was bishop. When he was only a priest and still in Scotland he helped form a group of loyalist catholics to fight for the crown against the rebels in the 1798 uprising alongside … [More]
Reesorville     14/04/2014 04:13
Pius XII in his 1943 encyclical Mystici Corporis Christi
"13. If we would define and describe this true Church of Jesus Christ - which is the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church [12] - we shall find nothing more noble, more sublime, or more divine than the expression "the Mystical Body of Christ" - an expression which springs from and is, as it were, the fair flowering of the repeated teaching of the Sacred Scriptures and the Holy Fathers.
14. That the Church is a body is frequently… [More]
Reesorville     08/03/2014 02:46
There are 1.2 million child prostitutes under the age of 12 in the world. Tourists from Germany go to Thailand or other places in SE Asia every year to have sex with kids with the consent of negligent governments.
I could be wrong, but I don't think they put any sanctions on those countries for allowing this. But if Thailand or one of those countries were to put a ban on men having sex with men, they would be sanctioned perhaps.
Reesorville     01/03/2014 06:15
The Pope in the time of St Francis (Innocent III) ordered a crusade against the Albigensian heresy in southern France, which killed tens of thousands of people, including many civilians.
Reesorville     28/02/2014 06:12
What right do active gays have in judging or condemning those practice incest? Who are they to judge?...The existence of natural law written on the human heart is proven by the fact that human beings condemn people for doing the same sorts of things that they themselves practice.
There is nothing wrong with two men or two women falling in love with each other and wanting to spend their time together- but sex should just not be part of it.
Reesorville     11/01/2014 05:48
The Chinese traditionally burn money to give to their dead ancestors, and they fear that if they don't do this then their ancestors will come back and harm them. Matteo Ricci told Catholic converts in Beijing that they could burn the money so long as they didn't treat the ancestors as gods. This sort of thing was where the opposition to him understandably came from.
Reesorville     21/12/2013 17:24
Rhemes: For my part, I just want to make one more thing clear: I say we shouldn't attack them because of their position, and not because I think they are innocent. I am not blind to abuses nor do I think everything the pope or bishop does is right... my entire point is that there is a wrong method and a right method with dealing with it, and as far as I understand the teaching of the church and the example of the saints, this is not the correct method. The problems of the church are overcome … [More]
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Reesorville     21/12/2013 05:40
Canon law on the sentence of automatic excommunication for heresy and apostasy: Can. 1364 §1. Without prejudice to the prescript of can. 194, §1, n. 2, an apostate from the faith, a heretic, or a schismatic incurs a latae sententiae excommunication; in addition, a cleric can be punished with the penalties mentioned in can. 1336, §1, nn. 1, 2, and 3.
Canon law on publicly inciting animosities against bishops: Can. 1373 A person who publicly incites among subjects animosities or hatred … [More]
Reesorville     21/12/2013 05:14
As naïve or foolish I may be, I still know what the Truth of the matter is. Call me anything you like, the Truth will still be the same.
In terms of the time period: If St Paul considered it wrong to speak against the Jewish High Priest, who was not mistakenly allowing abortion pills, but who was actively leading a persecution to destroy the church and anyone who believed in Jesus... if it was wrong then to speak against him because of his authority, how could it be right today to do so … [More]
Reesorville     20/12/2013 04:51
Jesus is the only saviour of mankind. The law of Christ includes the rule that no sexual activity is permitted outside of a marriage. This is not to hurt people, it is to help them; God's law is a light for our path, a guide to our steps.
Western culture wants to break the root that gives it sustenance, without realizing this is the path to its own death.
Reesorville     20/12/2013 04:40
I don't know what I can say which is of any use to convince you. Maybe just one question, I can pose:
You quote Fulton Sheen as though he would have supported your position. Now, my question is: in all of Fulton Sheen's career in radio, television or other media, can you locate a single example when he attacks a living bishop or group of living bishops explicitly by name, publicizing some wrongdoing of theirs and condemning them?
God bless,
Reesorville     18/12/2013 05:17
Uncle Joe, you were attacking the pope because you feel like he pays too much attention to one subject and not to another. This is not your right to judge as a layperson. St Pius X makes that clear.
With regard to the sex abuse, which we were not talking about originally:
This would be an extreme case, and you will note in the quote that I provided from St Pius X at the bottom it says:
'At most, it is allowed in matters of grave complaint to refer the whole case to the Roman Pontiff, and this … [More]
Reesorville     17/12/2013 05:10
Uncle Joe: Free markets have moral issues that connect to them, and the pope has an authority that comes from God to speak authoritatively to the entire church on moral issues. Therefore, yes, he can attack certain aspects in the free market when they are moral issues and when doing so he speaks with an authority that comes from God.
As stupid as my comments are, I should point out that these ideas do not come from me.
"41. Yet before proceeding to explain these matters, that principle which … [More]
Reesorville     16/12/2013 06:43
Professor Wessell, I don't agree with your choice in terminology because as soon as you take the revolutionary, atheistic, class struggle, elimination of private property out of Marxism, then I don't think it should be called Marxism any longer, even 'marxish' or 'diaper marxist', because if you use that term it can leave many people thinking that there is some close relationship between what the pope is saying and what Marx is saying, when really it is very far apart.
Someone could perhaps … [More]
Reesorville     16/12/2013 05:02
Marxism preaches the revolutionary overthrow of the ruling class and the replacement with the rule of the working class and the elimination of private property.
Does the pope support revolution? No
Does he support an end to capitalism? No
Does he support the elimination of private property? No
Does he want the classes to fight each other and for the workers to take full control? No Therefore, he is not a Marxist. As a matter of fact, the Communist party of the USSR, Cuba, China or other such … [More]
Reesorville     13/12/2013 07:36
A ship only needs one hole in it to sink, the entire hull does not need to be missing. The body only needs one organ to stop working for the whole unit to die, the rest of it can be healthy and yet still die. Likewise a human being, even one who does good things in many ways, and who helps so many people, only needs one mortal sin without repentance to go down into hell.
We don't know where Mandela is now, because we don't know how he ended his life and what went on between him and God in his … [More]
Reesorville     11/12/2013 05:09
"the more unfettered a nation’s economic system is the more prosperous the population becomes and, consequently, the more it spends on charity and safety net programs" - I don't believe this statement is true. The United States has high spending on charity, I think because the US is a country where people believe in God and Jesus Christ, and charity is a part of the culture and values of the people. It is not because of capitalism.
When Bill Gates visited China, I think in 2010 or 2009, some … [More]
Reesorville     10/12/2013 05:23
St Paul was a reformed accomplice to murder. And unlike this man, he didn't even spend one day in prison for his crime.
Why didn't Paul have to suffer for what he did? Because in Damascus he was baptized.
The teaching of the church, found in the catechism, is that baptism takes away all sins and all punishments due for sins committed prior to baptism. If this reformed convict was baptized in his course of conversion to the church (which we can assume he was) then he will not suffer even one … [More]
Reesorville     09/12/2013 07:28
I know nothing of this case in India, but didn't St Maria Goretti's attempted-rapist and murderer have a dream of her in prison in which she gave him flowers, and then he repented of what he did, afterwards ending his prison term and becoming a monk who prayed to her frequently?
He said that pornography was the cause of his actions and worked hard to discourage young people from viewing pornography.
Again, I have no idea who this Mr. Singh is and whether or not he is truly repentant, but it is … [More]
Reesorville     30/11/2013 04:57
Professor, from reading your last message, I think you maybe have not deeply studied catholic social teaching as outlined by Leo XII, Pius XI, John Paul II, etc. because it does not teach 'economic re-distributionism'.
It, in fact, opposes socialism and the placing of burdens on the state that ought to be left to lower units of society. The principle of subsidiarity teaches that the lower units of society should, motivated by Christian Charity, seek to improve the conditions of the people in … [More]
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